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Give a Little. Get a Lot!

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Coupons, free downloads and one-time offers are highly effective strategies to attract new customers.

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You get their contact information + an additional opportunity to “re-engage” at the time of redemption.


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Connect with a new prospect by offering them something in exchange for their contact information and completing a short survey.

At a motorcycle rally in Georgia, Freedom Power Sports emailed a coupon for a free oil change to hundreds of registrants. Bringing a new customer into the showroom was well-worth the cost of the oil change.

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iCapture “Everybody Wins” Features

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Easy-to-build Screen Saver

  • The Screen Saver acts a digital billboard promoting the offer.

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Auto-Reply Emails

  • Auto-Reply emails deliver digital offers automatically to your captured prospect.

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Other “Everybody Wins” Strategies

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Chef Central is a high-end kitchen supply store with locations in New York and New Jersey.
A “$10 off any $25 purchase” coupon is sent via email to first time customers that sign up for their newsletter.

They have an iPad next to the point-of-sale in each of store.


Everybody has a birthday! … and everybody loves to get something free!

Two Scoops in Boise, Idaho offers a free cone or sundae for your birthday.
They will come and bring friends on their special day.

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In the consulting or B2B world, a free consultation, market analysis, or a professional service is the perfect giveaway.

Giving away a free mobile web page ($99 value) proved to be very effective.

Not only did DealSnapt showcase their services, the free web page also gave them reason to ask questions and build a relationship with new prospects.


The Ultimate Lead Capture Checklist


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