Capture Contact Information in Seconds!

Designed to reduce confusion and expedite data entry, iCapture has designed and tested numerous on-screen keyboards to help you capture critical contact information as quickly as possible.

Pre-Built Contact Question Types

With a single click, you can add a question to capture First and Last Name, Email Address, a Zip Code and more.

Our pre-built questions include:

  • First / Last Name
  • Email
  • Zip Code (U.S. / Canada / Int’l)
  • Phone (U.S. / Canada / Int’l)
  • Address (City / State / Prov)
  • Company / Title
  • Birthday / Anniversary


Example of Contact Question Types

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bigo-email-screen waterdrop-firstlastname


waterdrop-email waterdrop-zip


waterdrop-birthday waterdrop-mobilephone

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