One-Click Data Exporting

iCapture gives you access to your captured data in seconds!

Every capture includes the following information:

  • Server Date – date and time the iCapture server received the data
  • Capture Date – date and time your device captured the data
  • Device Key – Name / Identifier you gave to your device upon first install
  • Location Key – Location Identifier available to accounts with Location Mgmt.
  • Your Captured Data – All Questions and Responses to those questions


When you Download your Data from any Questionnaire. Choose a specific date range – or – export all.


All data and reporting is accessed and found in the iCapture admin (Back Office).



Export File Format

Your data is exported in a CSV file format which easily opens in Excel, Google Docs and every other spreadsheet on the market.


Need to Move your Data?

CSV files are the most popular import file types. Export from iCapture and import to nearly any other system.

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