Location Management

Do you have multiple locations? Need to treat the data differently for each?

iCapture has built-in location management functions to enable variable data without the need to create unique questionnaires for each location.

When you select an iCapture plan that includes location management, you will gain access to an array of management features. (see below)


Reporting by Location

iCapture gives you reporting for your entire account as well as each location.


Location Management Features

  • Unique Install Codes for a Specific Location
    — create an install code that is specific to a location and have your device automatically assigned to that location in the iCapture system.
  • Data Forwarding
    — Let iCapture send data to a specific location contact when incoming data is captured at that location.
  • Auto-Reply Emails
    — Create unique, merged Auto-Reply emails based on each location’s settings.
  • Unique Location Identifiers
    — Have every capture tagged with a specific location identifier unique to your needs. This allows for instant mapping of imported data to match your current database settings.
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