Scan Trade Show Badges in Seconds!

Phone-Scan-BadgeiCapture allows you to scan tradeshow badges quickly, even offline, using your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

iCapture has aligned with the top badge providers so you can seamlessly go from show to show, using your mobile device, to access valuable data faster and easier.

Use multiple devices, scan anywhere, and cut your scanner rental costs.

Attending a show without badges (or just looking for a less expensive alternative)? Our Business Card Scanning is the perfect answer!

How Does this Work?

At most larger trade shows, the name badges will include a custom barcode or QR Code. This barcode contains identifying information when it is scanned.

Some shows embed the complete contact profile… others only embed a badge number.

Let Us Help!

For best results, a little bit of “pre-show” discovery goes a long way!

We highly recommend that you do one of two things:

  1. Click here to send iCapture the name and date of your next show
    – or –
  2. Request a Sample Badge from the Trade Show organizers (or Lead Retrieval company)

We have a database of over 2,200 trade shows worldwide and a team of experts to help.

We can quickly research your show and provide you exact details. We will provide you options that include costs and functionality.

What Information will I Get?

qrcode1.pngOnce we have a sample badge (or know the name of the lead retrieval company), we can tell you exactly what information you’ll be able to get with a simple scan.

Want to see it in action? Get your free Badge Scanning Demo Kit.

Most Common Badge Formats

sample-badge-all-datavCard – many smaller shows and conferences will embed all contact information into a QR code or 2D Barcode.  The iCapture app has a built-in parser that allows you to map data directly to your contact fields after your first scan.  With every subsequent scan, the data instantly fills the fields.  No additional fees are incurred.


sample-badge-csName + Badge Number – many larger trade shows will embed limited information into the QR code or 2D Barcode (ie. first / last name, company, badge number).  The iCapture app will instantly parse this embedded data directly to your contact fields.  If a badge number is embedded, there is likely a lead retrieval system available. Lead retrieval systems typically allow you access to additional information on the contact for an addition fee. We highly recommend you send us your show name and date to ensure you don’t encounter a surprise when you arrive at the show.

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