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Motivate your team and make it fun!

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A simple, friendly competition helps to focus and motivate your team.

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There are multiple, highly successful ways to setup a friendly competition.


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When your staff is focused, engaged and having fun, better results are inevitable.

Chef Central, a culinary retail store with 2 locations, created a very successful challenge.

Here’s how they set it up:

  • Teams:  New York store vs. New Jersey store
  • Duration:  30 days
  • Goal:  Increase opt-ins for Email Newsletter and Catalog subscriptions
  • Prize:  Bragging rights + Lunch delivered for the entire team

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Setting Up a “Friendly Competition”

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The most popular incentives for employees / team members include:

  • Cash
  • Gift Card
  • Lunch / Dinner
  • Recognition
    • Plaque / Trophy
    • Gift / Award / Certificate


What is the best way to set up a competition?

It depends on your team.  Are they motivated individually or as a group?

Your goal is to keep your team focused and motivated.

Here are the most popular formats:

  • Winner Take All – single prize for one winner
  • Team Goal – everyone wins if goal is hit
  • Team vs. Team – perfect for different locations / shifts
  • Incentive per Captured Lead (ie. $$ / lead)
  • Incentive per Action (post-capture)
  • Hybrid – any combination of the above
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Setting up the competition to create a win-win for all parties involved is paramount.

Here are the primary factors to consider:

  • Start and End Date (30 days or less)
  • How will the “winner(s)” be determined?
  • What is the Goal?
  • How are we doing things different than before?
  • What’s In It For Me?  (defined for team members and company)

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