How to Keep your Tablet Safe


Tablets can be slippery little gadgets.

That’s why its important to protect your investment with a case or enclosure that will prevent the device from not just hitting the floor or but also hitting the road.

Tablet enclosures come in all shapes and sizes. How you plan to use your tablet determines which you will need. The following examples are all for iPads but enclosure manufacturers have options for most Android devices. We’ve found most “enclosures” or “kiosks” fit into one of three categories:

  • Hand-Held Cases
  • Desktop / Countertop Stands
  • Free-Standing Kiosks

Hand-Held Cases

Hand held cases usually feature a strap that makes it possible to hold your tablet safely with one hand.  Rubber or hard plastic edges prevent tablet breakage if dropped but not all include a way to secure the tablet if left unattended.

Griffin’s Airstrap offers portability and padded protection but lacks any way to secure the tablet.

Gladius’ Air has a leather strap along with a prop up for viewing on a tabletop but again nothing to keep it from walking out the door.

Some handheld cases include a lock to secure it, like the Lilitab Tether which permits you to secure your tablet but still allow for guests to pick it up.
It includes a built-in cable egress slot so you can keep your tablet powered 24/7.

Maclock’s iPad Security Case and Lock Bundle has a detachable 6 foot cable lock. This allows it to be placed on a table and picked up when necessary but not carried away.

Griffin AirStrap

Griffin AirStrap


Gladius Air

Lilitab Tether

Lilitab Tether

MacLocks Security Case

MacLocks Security Case

Desktop / Countertop Stands

Desktop enclosures protect and display your tablet if you want to place it on a counter or table top. Most are lockable and feature a heavy base for support.

iPad Enclosure’s Gravity Flip lets you “flip” or pivot the screen up-and-over almost 180 degrees.

Lilitab’s Counter Pro includes a docking feature that connects and charges the tablet while displayed inside the enclosure.  Other models for different surfaces and wall mount are also available.

iPad Enclosure's Gravity Flip

iPad Enclosure’s Gravity Flip

Lilitab Counter Pro Enclosure

Lilitab Counter Pro Enclosure

Free-Standing Kiosks

Free-Standing, or Floor Mounted, enclosures or stand alone kiosks allow you to place and lock your tablet just about anywhere and leave it unattended (such as a mall or retail shop).

Lilitab’s Standard is lightweight and can be attached to a base, placed on wheels, or drilled into floor.

iPad-Kiosk’s heavier weight options like the Dynamic feature an impressive metal tower and are easily branded with a graphics panel or other signage.

Lilitab Floor Pro Kiosk

Lilitab Floor Pro Kiosk

iPad-Kiosk's Dynamic Kiosk

iPad-Kiosk’s Dynamic Kiosk

The bottom line is, if you plan to use your tablet in a public place, it needs to be protected with some kind of case or enclosure.

If you find a particular tablet enclosure that you recommend please let us know the make and model and we’ll be happy to share it with other iCapture clients.

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