Lead Qualifying

Lead Qualifying 101: Sales & Marketing Alignment (Infographic)

Trade shows are a major player in today’s sales strategies for companies worldwide. 72% of exhibitors attend trade shows for lead generation. But here’s the puzzling part: only 15% of companies are actually following up with leads post-show, and 94% of marketers believe their company fails to convert event leads into opportunities.

Why? If companies attend trade shows and events for lead generation, why are so many opportunities falling through the cracks? Why do companies pour money into events without actually capitalizing on the valuable leads? Why aren’t the sales reps chomping at the bit to call leads back?

It’s because there’s a disconnect between sales and marketing. Sales and marketing teams have different ideas of what makes an event successful, and what a good lead looks like. As a result, sales thinks trade show leads are garbage, and marketing thinks sales isn’t doing their job.

Let’s take a look at this problem we commonly see at trade shows and how to align the sales and marketing teams:

Trade Show Infographic

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