The Power of Data and a Strategic Advantage

The Story

For over twenty years, Promethean has reimagined and reinvented educational technology solutions to empower teachers and students globally. As a major part of the award-winning EdTech leader’s marketing strategy, Promethean attends large tech events to showcase their interactive classroom technology. 

With their exhibits, Promethean features escape rooms that combine stem integration and their interactive displays and software. Event attendees enjoy a 30-minute in-depth experience that demonstrates the power of Promethean’s EdTech. 

Alongside the success of their escape rooms in driving traffic, Promethean also wanted a lead capture system that provided more opportunity for personalization and quality conversations than rented lead scanners.

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Promethean Showcasing Its Technology at Trade Show

Benjamin Smith, Promethean’s VP of Marketing for the Americas, explains, “In the past, we just used the lead capture systems that the shows geared us towards. But there’s a couple of problems with those. They’re pretty generic, and you can’t customize them very much. We felt like there was something better out there, and then we found iCapture.”

Promethean partnered with iCapture to maximize their opportunities by focusing on three major areas:

  1. Consistency 
  2. Speed of lead follow up
  3. Visibility and event data

Escape Rooms Elevated

Consistency and faster lead follow up played important roles in Promethean’s switch to iCapture.

“I think the biggest benefit is not having to change systems from event to event,” says Smith. “You don’t need to relearn things. It’s just easy to use. It helps us work quicker. And then there’s all the automation. If it’s a hot lead, we can route that to inside sales quickly.”

As part of faster lead follow up, Promethean also uses iCapture’s customizable auto-email feature. This has been especially beneficial to manage sign-ups for the escape room during the event. After being scanned, the attendee will instantly receive an email with a link to sign-up. This streamlines Promethean’s event traffic, as well as improves their engagement.

Smith says, “I love telling people that ‘as soon as I scan you in, within a minute or two you’re going to have an email in your inbox about everything you need to know about Promethean for this event. And of course, we are going to be able to follow up with you after the show.’ I love that!”

With iCapture, Promethean can also separate their captured escape room leads from their captured booth leads. While capturing a lead within the booth, they simultaneously capture qualifying data, such as next step. For escape room attendees, they need a faster process, so booth staff simply scan the badge without any qualifying questions. iCapture allows them to customize the lead capture for each situation, something that was missing with previous lead scanning systems.

Increased Visibility Into Events

In addition to consistency and speed, Promethean also gained more visibility into their events through iCapture. 

“In the past, especially using a third party, we didn’t have a way to differentiate between leads from the escape room versus the booth, or a whole lot of other details,” says Smith. “Our actual lead data is richer now.”

Happy Promethean Reps with iCapture

Smith explains that the data also helps their team make staffing, exhibit location, and event attendance decisions. For example, they can compare how one booth location drives more traffic than another location at the same show. 

“I like having all my year after year data in iCapture so I can go back and see what the traffic pattern was in previous events,” says Smith. “One, you see the hourly breakdown of when you capture leads from a show, and that’s helpful for staffing. And then also we can show the growth from year to year. Those are the things that help from the managing perspective. There’s a lot of value, both for the quality of the product, but also knowing the cost per rep or the cost per lead you scan.”

The detailed breakdowns on each show has helped Promethean’s marketing team make data-driven decisions and event investments. This visibility, alongside the other benefits of iCapture’s automation, gives them a strategic advantage. 

“If you’re ever thinking you need to maximize the money you spend on trade shows, there’s an advantage to using iCapture,” says Smith. “If you’re of a certain size and you aren’t doing it, you probably don’t look as professional. Our scanning and follow-up, how we handle our leads, makes us the leader at these shows.”

The Outcome

One Consistent Process at Every Event

Follow-up Time Went from Weeks to Days

Increased Visibility with Event Analytics

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