Global Lead Capture Success Through Consistency and Visibility

The Story

Sirtex Medical, a global healthcare company that specializes in liver cancer treatment, attends a variety of events throughout the world. Previously, they used rented lead scanners and collected business cards for their lead capture. Rather than switching between the show-offered systems, the Sirtex team wanted more consistency from event to event. They also needed a more streamlined and standardized way to capture and follow up with leads. After searching for a solution, Sirtex discovered iCapture.





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Finding a Solution

Barb Charbonneau, Director of Marketing Communications for Sirtex, explains, “My frustration peaked with the whole process of capturing leads at trade shows for a variety of reasons. The scanners rarely worked. To customize them was very difficult if not impossible. Follow-up time depended on how quickly we got the data back from the show. And the worst part was the field reps weren’t comfortable using them. From a global perspective, our reps weren’t capturing leads at all because of the cost of the systems and because no one was using them. When the opportunity came to purchase iCapture, I fully supported it.”

A lack of customization, delayed follow up, and inconsistent processes caused problems for the Sirtex sales and marketing teams. Plus, the current show-offered systems made it difficult fo their global reps to capture leads. Moving forward with iCapture, Sirtex looked to fix these areas and set three primary goals:

  1. Add consistency across all events
  2. Improve follow-up time and lead quality
  3. Increase visibility into their events 

Seamless Process In and Out of the Booth

After partnering with iCapture, Sirtex eliminated manual entry, which previously delayed their follow up. Through iCapture’s automation, leads sync directly into Pardot for quick reengagement. The team also has more depth of data for each lead. 

Laura Cataldi, Marketing Operations Manager for Sirtex, says, “Before there was data entry, but now everything is very streamlined, very automated. We can see specifically when someone is asking for more information or needs a follow up because of the questionnaire we built.”

With their questionnaire, the reps capture valuable data, such as user status, specialties, and discussions in the booth. This gives the team qualifying information so the reps can reengage with relevance post-show. They also send attendees auto emails through iCapture to further track engagement.

“We send automatic thank you notes to visitors in our booth immediately, and we do the same for any symposia we hold, which has been really awesome,” says Charbonneau. “The product marketing leaders are able to see who was there, who we hit, and what they expressed interest in. They can tell that just by the survey responses.”

Even outside the show itself, Cataldi explains that iCapture makes their lives easier. She says, “From my perspective as the Operations Manager, iCapture is very simple to use. Our templates are plug and play, so it’s very easy for me to set up the events far in advance. It’s very quick and seamless for me.”

Plus, when the Sirtex team needs any support, Cataldi says the iCapture Support Team is always there to seamlessly solve any issues.

“The iCapture Support Team is fabulous and super responsive,” Cataldi says. “I feel like someone is always working, no matter the time of the day. I can’t speak any more highly of them, and I've worked with many vendors in the past. The team is very knowledgeable and precise in getting the requests done. It’s made my life easier from an operations perspective.”

Consistency Across a Global Company

With iCapture, Sirtex now has one consistent system across events and teams. This has helped the booth reps capture leads in a simple and comfortable manner. The reps no longer need to worry about changing systems and inconsistent processes. 

“The reps at the show are having a heck of a great time. Now when they are starting to engage, they right away have that iCapture app ready,” says Charbonneau. “What’s really fun for me is when I see a rep in the booth all ready to go, he acts like the iCapture wizard. He is happy to train others, which is funny because before they were kind of ‘too cool for school’ to use any kind of lead capture device. So having that familiarity and consistency of the device, including the questionnaires we are using, has really streamlined everything.”

Along with streamlining conversations and captures in the booth, iCapture has helped standardize on a global level. Both the US and European teams use the same system and qualifiers, resulting in consistent data across all teams.

Cataldi says, “In the past, we’ve been very much regionally focused. We are still executing regionally, but we are moving toward a global focus. And where we can get standardization across different platforms and approaches and marketing tactics, all the better. Sometimes, our physicians in the US travel and see us in Europe, or vice versa. We want them to have a similar experience with Sirtex, wherever in the world they may be.”

As a global company, Sirtex also needed more flexibility and customization with their lead capture. Cataldi explains that with iCapture, they can customize the questions they ask in the booth by region, as well as comply with data privacy as needed. 

“The US questionnaire is different from what we use in Europe because Europe has a different indiciation than we do in the US,” says Cataldi. “The ability for us to be able to use the same platform, but customize it by region, is huge. Last year when we brought our Europe team in, we had to be GDPR compliant. And now we have to be CCPA compliant, so we have the same terms and use in the US. I just recently set up a new template in German because they go to some places where it’s just German-speaking people. So this has offered us a lot of flexibility in terms of how we communicate with attendees.”

Charbonneau adds that the European team has responded positively to implementing iCapture at their events. She says, “The takeaways from the global team was ‘if we knew this existed, we would have never wasted all that time either not scanning or the money spent scanning that wasn’t really useful for us.’”

Happy Cradlepoint Reps at a Trade Shows

Visibility and Results

The final piece of the puzzle for Sirtex is the added visibility into their events. iCapture gives them valuable data, such as total leads collected, lead quality, each lead’s journey, booth traffic, event spend, etc. This concrete data enables the team to make more informed decisions when planning future events. 

“One of the benefits we will see overtime with iCapture is being able to make more data-driven decisions,” says Charbonneau. “Because we have that visibility from the data we can pull, we can parse through and see the true experience of our leads. So in my world, when it comes to budgeting or planning events and conferences, knowing who we have met with in the past and what their demographics are really helps us shape the programs we plan moving forward. Those decisions are easier to make when you know who you’ve been talking to. Before this, we haven’t had one concise way to look at that data.”

Cataldi adds, “Being able to see how much traffic goes into the booth at different times of the day will in the future help us better plan for these larger events with staffing needs. That’s another bonus that you aren’t going to get through the old way of capturing leads.”

With more visibility into the buyer’s journey, Sirtex can also track at what points they engaged with prospects and the value of each interaction. This helps them decide where to invest their engagement efforts.

 “It’s all about knowing when we see potential customers,” says Charbonneau. “where we interact with them, and how that impacts them in any way that we can track, either with order placement or further event contacts. I’ve also had feedback from the sales leadership that being able to track who they interact with at shows gives sales a foot in the door to start a conversation they couldn’t start before. We weren’t able to do that with those very disparate lead capture devices that were out there before.”

Overall, iCapture has helped the Sirtex team track each lead’s journey more effectively, as well as look at future decisions with concrete data. This visibility, along with consistency and higher lead quality, has boosted their event performance.

Charbonneau concludes, “I have recommended iCapture to others. I am a member of a large exhibitor advisory council, and part of that organization is to share best practices among colleagues and peers. I would definitely recommend it, I do recommend it, and I will continue to recommend it.”

The Outcome

One Consistent Automated Process Across Events

Automated Lead Capture and Consistency Across All Events

Time saved faster follow up

Faster Follow Up and Better Leads

Increase visibility across events

Increased Visibility Into All Events

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