A Single Solution to Capture Leads at Every Trade Show

Say Goodbye To Renting Out-Dated Scanners, Costly Follow-Up Delays and Lost Opportunities



A Consistent Solution

A Single Solution for Every Event

From the largest international trade shows to small networking events, and everything in between, iCapture provides a single solution for all of your mobile lead capture needs.

The Right Tool for the Job

Don’t Leave Your Lead Capture Process Up to Chance

Show up to trade shows and events with your own solution, customized to meet your lead capture needs. With the speed, consistency, and visibility provided by iCapture, you will cut lead follow-up time from weeks to minutes and drive revenue.

Connect Leads to Your Existing Workflows

We Integrate with All Major CRM and Marketing Automation Software

Data when and where you need it, synced directly to your CRM or Marketing Automation System. Each integration is built in-house to ensure compatibility and consistency. All integrated platforms are connected via secure encrypted connections.

Visibility into Every Event

Stop guessing. Make decisions with confidence.

iCapture’s automated lead processes streamline your trade shows and events with technology that inputs data and information directly into your CRM and marketing automation system. Rather than manual data entry and spreadsheet formatting, you can instantly use those leads and turn them into sales.