Global Lead Capture Success Through Consistency and Visibility

The Story

Sirtex Medical, a global healthcare company that specializes in liver cancer treatment, attends a variety of events throughout the world. Previously, they used rented lead scanners and collected business cards for their lead capture. Rather than switching between the show-offered systems, the Sirtex team wanted more consistency from event to event. They also needed a more streamlined and standardized way to capture and follow up with leads. After searching for a solution, Sirtex discovered iCapture.





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Finding a Solution

Barb Charbonneau, Director of Marketing Communications for Sirtex, explains, “My frustration peaked with the whole process of capturing leads at trade shows for a variety of reasons. The scanners rarely worked. To customize them was very difficult if not impossible. Follow-up time depended on how quickly we got the data back from the show. And the worst part was the field reps weren’t comfortable using them. From a global perspective, our reps weren’t capturing leads at all because of the cost of the systems and because no one was using them. When the opportunity came to purchase iCapture, I fully supported it.”

A lack of customization, delayed follow up, and inconsistent processes caused problems for the Sirtex sales and marketing teams. Plus, the current show-offered systems made it difficult fo their global reps to capture leads. Moving forward with iCapture, Sirtex looked to fix these areas and set three primary goals:

  1. Add consistency across all events
  2. Improve follow-up time and lead quality
  3. Increase visibility into their events 

Seamless Process In and Out of the Booth

After partnering with iCapture, Sirtex eliminated manual entry, which previously delayed their follow up. Through iCapture’s automation, leads sync directly into Pardot for quick reengagement. The team also has more depth of data for each lead. 

Laura Cataldi, Marketing Operations Manager for Sirtex, says, “Before there was data entry, but now everything is very streamlined, very automated. We can see specifically when someone is asking for more information or needs a follow up because of the questionnaire we built.”

With their questionnaire, the reps capture valuable data, such as user status, specialties, and discussions in the booth. This gives the team qualifying information so the reps can reengage with relevance post-show. They also send attendees auto emails through iCapture to further track engagement.

“We send automatic thank you notes to visitors in our booth immediately, and we do the same for any symposia we hold, which has been really awesome,” says Charbonneau. “The product marketing leaders are able to see who was there, who we hit, and what they expressed interest in. They can tell that just by the survey responses.”

Even outside the show itself, Cataldi explains that iCapture makes their lives easier. She says, “From my perspective as the Operations Manager, iCapture is very simple to use. Our templates are plug and play, so it’s very easy for me to set up the events far in advance. It’s very quick and seamless for me.”

Plus, when the Sirtex team needs any support, Cataldi says the iCapture Support Team is always there to seamlessly solve any issues.

“The iCapture Support Team is fabulous and super responsive,” Cataldi says. “I feel like someone is always working, no matter the time of the day. I can’t speak any more highly of them, and I've worked with many vendors in the past. The team is very knowledgeable and precise in getting the requests done. It’s made my life easier from an operations perspective.”

Consistency Across a Global Company

With iCapture, Sirtex now has one consistent system across events and teams. This has helped the booth reps capture leads in a simple and comfortable manner. The reps no longer need to worry about changing systems and inconsistent processes. 

“The reps at the show are having a heck of a great time. Now when they are starting to engage, they right away have that iCapture app ready,” says Charbonneau. “What’s really fun for me is when I see a rep in the booth all ready to go, he acts like the iCapture wizard. He is happy to train others, which is funny because before they were kind of ‘too cool for school’ to use any kind of lead capture device. So having that familiarity and consistency of the device, including the questionnaires we are using, has really streamlined everything.”

Along with streamlining conversations and captures in the booth, iCapture has helped standardize on a global level. Both the US and European teams use the same system and qualifiers, resulting in consistent data across all teams.

Cataldi says, “In the past, we’ve been very much regionally focused. We are still executing regionally, but we are moving toward a global focus. And where we can get standardization across different platforms and approaches and marketing tactics, all the better. Sometimes, our physicians in the US travel and see us in Europe, or vice versa. We want them to have a similar experience with Sirtex, wherever in the world they may be.”

As a global company, Sirtex also needed more flexibility and customization with their lead capture. Cataldi explains that with iCapture, they can customize the questions they ask in the booth by region, as well as comply with data privacy as needed. 

“The US questionnaire is different from what we use in Europe because Europe has a different indiciation than we do in the US,” says Cataldi. “The ability for us to be able to use the same platform, but customize it by region, is huge. Last year when we brought our Europe team in, we had to be GDPR compliant. And now we have to be CCPA compliant, so we have the same terms and use in the US. I just recently set up a new template in German because they go to some places where it’s just German-speaking people. So this has offered us a lot of flexibility in terms of how we communicate with attendees.”

Charbonneau adds that the European team has responded positively to implementing iCapture at their events. She says, “The takeaways from the global team was ‘if we knew this existed, we would have never wasted all that time either not scanning or the money spent scanning that wasn’t really useful for us.’”

Happy Cradlepoint Reps at a Trade Shows

Visibility and Results

The final piece of the puzzle for Sirtex is the added visibility into their events. iCapture gives them valuable data, such as total leads collected, lead quality, each lead’s journey, booth traffic, event spend, etc. This concrete data enables the team to make more informed decisions when planning future events. 

“One of the benefits we will see overtime with iCapture is being able to make more data-driven decisions,” says Charbonneau. “Because we have that visibility from the data we can pull, we can parse through and see the true experience of our leads. So in my world, when it comes to budgeting or planning events and conferences, knowing who we have met with in the past and what their demographics are really helps us shape the programs we plan moving forward. Those decisions are easier to make when you know who you’ve been talking to. Before this, we haven’t had one concise way to look at that data.”

Cataldi adds, “Being able to see how much traffic goes into the booth at different times of the day will in the future help us better plan for these larger events with staffing needs. That’s another bonus that you aren’t going to get through the old way of capturing leads.”

With more visibility into the buyer’s journey, Sirtex can also track at what points they engaged with prospects and the value of each interaction. This helps them decide where to invest their engagement efforts.

 “It’s all about knowing when we see potential customers,” says Charbonneau. “where we interact with them, and how that impacts them in any way that we can track, either with order placement or further event contacts. I’ve also had feedback from the sales leadership that being able to track who they interact with at shows gives sales a foot in the door to start a conversation they couldn’t start before. We weren’t able to do that with those very disparate lead capture devices that were out there before.”

Overall, iCapture has helped the Sirtex team track each lead’s journey more effectively, as well as look at future decisions with concrete data. This visibility, along with consistency and higher lead quality, has boosted their event performance.

Charbonneau concludes, “I have recommended iCapture to others. I am a member of a large exhibitor advisory council, and part of that organization is to share best practices among colleagues and peers. I would definitely recommend it, I do recommend it, and I will continue to recommend it.”

The Outcome

One Consistent Automated Process Across Events

Automated Lead Capture and Consistency Across All Events

Time saved faster follow up

Faster Follow Up and Better Leads

Increase visibility across events

Increased Visibility Into All Events

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Consistency and Simplicity Wins at Trade Shows

The Story

Planmeca Oy is a global leader in many fields of healthcare technology, with products distributed in over 120 countries worldwide. Their product range covers digital dental units, CAD/CAM solutions, world-class 2D and 3D imaging devices, and comprehensive software solutions.

As the world’s largest privately held dental equipment company, Planmeca attends a variety of events each year to reach its audience. Previously at these shows, they switched between different show-specific lead retrieval systems. As a result, they had no standardized approach. It also left their team with tedious manual entry after each event.




United States

Integrated Software


Planmeca Large Booth Exhibit at Trade Show

Searching for a Lead Capture Solution

Robin Gathman, Trade Show and Special Events Manager for Planmeca, explains, “Every single trade show was a different lead management system. Our reps had to learn systems over and over and over again. They were pretty vocal about constantly having to learn something new. We needed to find a solution that was more consistent and that would work well with Salesforce.”

The Planmeca team searched for a solution to bring more consistency to their events. After discovering iCapture and entering into a partnership, Planmeca targeted three key areas for improvement:

  1. Eliminate manual entry
  2. Create a seamless Salesforce integration
  3. Use one consistent system across all events

One Consistent Process in the Booth

Since partnering with iCapture, the Planmeca team has eliminated manual entry and adopted one system across events. The team no longer needs to worry about arranging lead capture systems for different show types and sizes. Previously, they struggled capturing the valuable lead data at smaller events that lacked lead retrieval systems.

“We are able to spread iCapture across not just our major shows, but at our smaller shows,” says Gathman. “Now we can capture leads at those smaller shows that we weren’t always able to do before. It gives our reps an easy way to scan business cards, and then they don’t have to do the work after.”

Doug Leak, Trade Show Coordinator for Planmeca, explains how one consistent solution has simplified the process for Planmeca’s reps in the booth. Before, the reps worried about learning new systems and constantly changing processes. Now, iCapture has provided consistency from show to show. It also adds a level of comfort to use iCapture on their own devices.

“For the reps, being able to use their own personal device, where they can do some trial-and-error and a few test scans to get used to it, is very helpful. iCapture is extremely easy to use in the field.”

Seamless Integration and Quality Data

In addition to simplifying the process for the booth reps, iCapture’s automation has helped stop leads from falling through the cracks. With the direct integration, Planmeca’s leads route straight into Salesforce after capture. Then reps from various territories can follow up with prospects right away.

“It gives our reps something on a regular basis to capture leads, and that gives them more business hopefully,” says Gathman. “Then nobody gets lost or forgotten at the end of the show when you’re tired, or you’ve lost a business card, since it’s all entered digitally.”

Leak agrees that the integration into Salesforce has been crucial. He adds, “What I like about iCapture is how fast it talks with Salesforce. The second that a rep scans a lead from a show, it’s already into Salesforce. Really it’s just the ease of use, with leads going from the palm of our hands into our systems.”

Along with a secure and automated lead capture process, Planmeca has also set up questionnaires through iCapture. These questionnaires capture key qualifying information, such as product interest and timeline, in the booth. As a result, the reps following up post-show have quality information to start a conversation. This makes a difference in their reengagement because Planmeca assigns prospects by territory, not by who first captured the lead. Instead of cold calling, the assigned Planmeca reps can reach out to prospects with more relevance post-show, as if they had talked to the prospect directly at the show.

“The reps in the booth like that iCapture takes leads through a series of questions that will make it easier for the next rep that will be following up,” says Leak. “By having these questionanires in an easy format, they are basically able to capture information, almost like talking to that person before they even give them a call. I would recommend iCapture to anyone who is looking for an easy-to-use app to capture leads at trade shows or events. We have made several changes to streamline the process and make it as easy as possible for our reps attending trade shows to capture attendee information in a quick but efficient way.”

Planmeca Rep Speaking to Prospects at an Event

The Outcome

Eliminate Manual Entry and Slow Follow Up

Leads Integrate Seamlessly with Salesforce

One Consistent System Across All Events

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An Automation Partnership: Streamlining Event Success

The Story

Engineering Innovation, Inc. (Eii), experts in postal and parcel automation design, develops solutions that work for any size fulfillment, returns, mailing, and shipping operation.

As part of their marketing efforts, Eii attends several events a year, and they needed a consistent method of capturing leads. They primarily collected business cards at these events, but the sales reps struggled with differentiating between leads and remembering conversations in the booth. This slowed their lead follow-up and post-show marketing efforts. 

Engineering Innovation Inc. Logo for Success Story



United States

Engineering Innovation Team Ready for Event with iCapture

Searching for a Lead Capture Solution

“We were very ineffective collecting leads from trade shows,” says Donna Keemer, Business Development and Customer Success Manager at Eii. “Trade shows are busy, and when you get back, if you don’t have all the information captured well, then it’s hard to follow up on the leads.”

As an automation-centered company, Eii searched for an automated solution to optimize their event opportunities.

After trying a few lead capture platforms without success, Eii partnered with iCapture and had three main goals:

  1. Remove manual entry and automate lead capture
  2. Sort leads as hot or cold during capture 
  3. Reduce lead follow-up time

Better Lead Capture, Better Lead Engagement

Since partnering with iCapture, Eii has seen more value from their trade shows, especially larger events, where they can capture greater amounts of leads. At one of their biggest events of the year, National Postal Forum (NPF) 2019, Eii’s exhibit included a racing simulator. With an original, exciting lead generator, they received 3x more traffic than the year prior. The racing simulator drew in both targeted and unrelated traffic, and iCapture helped sort and prioritize all the captured leads.

Keemer explains, “iCapture helps us sort which leads are hotter to follow up on first. And it sorts out the people who stopped by our booth for the fun of the simulator, but aren’t really interested in our products. They might have gotten one automated email, but we didn’t call a lot of them because we could tell from the data that they weren’t strong leads. It helps us sort out the better leads to follow up on right away.”


Along with speed of follow-up during and after the show, Keener explains that an added benefit of iCapture is the customer service and support. When she needs any technical assistance, the iCapture team responds quickly, even over weekends during Eii’s busy shows.

 “Anytime I’ve called for Customer Support, I got help right away, and lots of explanation, and I’ve seen how iCapture’s Back Office has become more user-friendly and added more features. I really appreciate it. It makes our life easier.”

As for the Eii booth staff and sales team, Keener says that they “love it.” 

With the positive response both inside and outside the booth, Keener says she would recommend iCapture to “anybody who I knew was going to a trade show. You almost have to have some sort of capture system at those big shows. I would recommend it to anybody because it works for us.”

Engineering Innovation Large Exhibit Booth at Trade Show

The Outcome

Eliminate Manual Entry and Automate the Process

Reduce Follow Up Time

Sort Leads as Hot or Cold During Capture

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Standardization and Smart Marketing Elevates Event Performance

The Story

Founded in 1925, Shure is a leading global manufacturer of headphones and microphone technology with a 94-year history of shaping the audio industry. The Shure team attends around 100+ events across the world each year. As a B2B, B2C, and B2D company, they manage many different audiences at their events. With a variety of channels and regions to track, they needed a more consistent method to capture leads at shows. Previously, they relied on business cards or rented lead scanners to capture leads.

Shure Logo for Success Story




Integrated Software


Shure Large Booth Exhibit at Trade Show

Searching for a Solution

“The challenge with gathering business cards or receiving data directly from the event is that we didn't receive the specific information needed for relevant and efficient follow-up,” explains Laura Orth, Customer Success Manager for Shure. "We do tons of events every year, so it was a big workload to get files prepared to upload into the system. There was also a delay between when we received the data versus when it was available for the sales team to follow up."

Along with their struggles with inconsistent lead retrieval and delayed follow up, standardizing data played a key role in their search for a more advanced system. With their global presence, they needed a consistent process that could support multiple languages and enable GDPR compliance.

Shure’s team searched for software that could alleviate all their pain points and discovered iCapture. Shure moved forward with a partnership with three primary objectives:

  1. Eliminate manual entry and reduce inconsistent data input
  2. Standardize the capture process to improve follow-up times
  3. Add global integration to capturing and organizing sales leads

Fast Follow Up and Informed Conversations

After implementing iCapture, the Shure team no longer had to worry about manual entry and delayed follow up. Now their leads sync straight into Salesforce during capture, enabling their sales team to contact leads immediately after the show.

“Our post show follow-up time has been improved,” says Orth. “Previously, follow up methods were inconsistent after events. We now have a standardized lead handling process for our sales team.”

Along with a consistent and faster process to contact leads, Shure’s sales team also has depth of information to help re-engagement. In the booth, sales associates record qualifying data, such as product interest and buyer type, so they can be more targeted with their follow up post-show. 

Orth adds, “Sales is getting better data to have a more informed conversation when they make that follow up. Instead of trying to remember conversations that happened at the event, they have that information right in front of them. For shows where we are talking to hundreds of people, it's much easier to have a relevant conversation after the show.”

A Consistent and Customizable Solution

Being a global company with teams spreading across the world, Shure needed a way to standardize the lead capture process. This way, their team in Germany would ask prospects the same questions as their team in Chicago.

Shure Reps and Prospects at an Event

“For us, standardization has been huge, and just making sure across the globe we are collecting the same data points,” says Orth. “Prior to iCapture, the data that we collected across each region was different. Having iCapture helps us ensure the data is coming into the system in a clean way, with the necessary data points that our sales team needs to follow up. It has also helped us understand where our biggest audience segments are and how we can use that data for smarter marketing.”

In addition to standardization, the Shure team also required a more flexible solution for each unique circumstance. As a B2B, B2C, and B2D company, Shure has many audience segments they encounter at shows. With iCapture, they can easily ask different qualifying questions for each segment at a show.

Orth explains, “We have a very broad audience base, so it's important that we understand the persona we are talking to. We capture different data points depending on which segment they fall into. Having a custom template for each segment is huge and saves us time when setting up each event. Each event has a different scenario, and the tool is flexible enough to accommodate what you need at each event.”

Another aspect of the custom capture process for Shure is the ability to meet GDPR standards while at trade shows. iCapture helps them seamlessly comply without disrupting the capture process.

“One of the main tenets of GDPR is that you have to be able to provide where and when you received consent, so we can now track that both in iCapture and when that data passes into Salesforce,” says Orth. “And then for countries where we need to do a double opt-in, we trigger that email right away based on the country we collect. It gets us very quick double confirmation for those specific countries.”

Smart Marketing and Visibility

For the Shure marketing team, the visibility offered from iCapture has helped them make data-driven decisions. One example is their marketing initiatives based off data gathered from events.

Orth explains, “We use email marketing post-show, so we’re able to follow up with relevant products and content based off what prospects told us they were interested in at certain shows. Before, we would send out a ‘thanks for attending’ message and talk about what we brought to the show, but not necessarily what people were interested in specifically when they talked with us in the booth. The marketing initiatives that we are doing now are much more targeted than they were previously.”

Along with targeted campaigns, Shure has increased visibility into the performance of each event. This enables them to take more strategic approaches to event attendance and marketing on both an individual and holistic scale.

“We have more detailed access into what results we are getting at each event," says Orth. "Prior to iCapture and Salesforce, we couldn’t effectively measure the output from each event. We go to over a hundred events globally, so our initial goal is to understand what events and what event plans produce the most leads and best results for us. iCapture helps us be more strategic about what events we invest in.”

With faster follow up, relevant reengagement, a consistent platform to unify their teams, standardized data, and powerful visibility, Shure’s team has found greater success during events and capitalized on more opportunities post-show.

Orth concludes, “I think iCapture is great for any company that is attending events, but especially if they are looking to standardize the data and get leads into the hands of their sales team in a seamless, quicker way.”

The Outcome

Standardize the Capture Process

Eliminate Manual Entry and Increase Follow Up Speed

Add Global Visibility and Access to Events

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A Better Way: Quality Leads and Relevant Reengagement

The Story

VoIP Supply, North America’s leading voice over protocol provider, attends a variety of events each year. At these events, they primarily relied on collecting business cards to capture lead information. After the show, manually entering leads into their CRM ate up valuable time for both marketing and sales. Once the team did start following up, they lacked clear direction or prioritization to identify which leads mattered most. 

VoIP Supply Logo for Success Story



United States

Integrated Software


VoIP Supply Booth at Trade Show

“Prior to iCapture, we were getting all those business cards in a fish bowl, and the reps would have to remember who the person was,” explains Mary Cheney, Marketing Supervisor for VoIP Supply. “It made it very difficult to track the success of those trade shows and know which prospects were worth calling. We needed a better way to qualify leads we were getting at trade shows.”

Knowing there had to be a “better way,” VoIP Supply’s team searched for a solution. After discovering iCapture, VoIP Supply entered the partnership with three major goals:

  1. Eliminate manual entry and slow follow up
  2. Qualify leads while in the booth
  3. Introduce consistency from show to show

Improved Follow Up and Engagement

After implementing iCapture, VoIP Supply noticed immediate improvement.

Cheney says, “It really helped standardize the process, pre-qualify the leads, and gave us the ability to do immediate follow up after the show with the automation. iCapture has helped make us more efficient right off the bat from using it.”

Before, it took VoIP Supply’s team months to follow up with the leads from a show. They also lacked segmentation to know which leads they should prioritize and contact first. With iCapture, VoIP Supply’s reps receive the hottest leads first to reengage with. Plus, with the automated lead capture and elimination of manual entry, their reps can follow up immediately after the show instead of months later. Through this, they can target the best leads before the leads lose interest or buy from a competitor. 

“There’s certainly a need to follow up as quickly as possible and strike up those relationships, whether it’s a reengagement or a new customer,” says Cheney. “If they start buying from somebody else, you lose that opportunity quickly.”

Along with speed, the sales reps also reach out with more relevance post-show. By recording qualifying data at the show, the reps have access to pain points, product interest, and any other notes they made in the booth. This helps them pick up the conversation from where they left it on the show floor instead of rehashing the prospect’s interests from the beginning. 

“Being able to pre-qualify has significantly helped quantify and qualify who we should follow up with first because it gives us an easy conversation when we know exactly what we have talked to them about,” says Cheney. “Being able to qualify a lead at the booth has helped tremendously.”

Consistent and Reliable Partners

Before partnering with iCapture, VoIP Supply lacked a consistent process for capturing leads from show to show. Cheney explains that she worried about having to train reps on different lead scanning equipment for every event. However, with iCapture, the reps can familiarize themselves with a single solution that works at every show. 

For Cheney, the consistency “is like peace of mind since I’m not always at the shows.” 

Happy VoIP Supply Sales Reps at a Trade Show

Along with having a single platform, Cheney also highlights the team behind the software. 

She says, “The team at iCapture from an onboarding standpoint to a responsive standpoint is by far one of the best companies that I work with. I love working with the iCapture team. If I have an issue, it’s normally solved within thirty minutes of me coming into the chat. Someone starts looking into it right away, and by the time I get back to the chat, it’s already fixed. It certainly stands out to me, and when people ask me what we use for lead capture, I always recommend iCapture.”

Results: Boost in Data and Quality Leads

Implementing iCapture has also removed much of the uncertainty from shows and helped VoIP’s marketing team use more targeted campaigns. For their sales team, they can be more targeted with lead follow up and conversations.

“iCapture really allows us to focus on what was popular at the show so that I’m not spending time guessing,” says Cheney. “I have the real data in front of me and what people asked for, and what exactly they were looking at during the show. It really has helped us be very targeted with our campaigns. It takes the work out of having to go through those lists and find out what people are really looking for. It helps us target those people easier. It makes my life ten times easier because I’m not guessing. Just like the sales reps. They’re not guessing what conversations they had in the booth.” 

Ultimately, one of the biggest improvements for VoIP Supply is the number of quality leads they capture at events. The team previously measured success by the number of leads, regardless of whether the lead was hot, warm, or cold. Now they can more accurately measure event success based on the quality of conversations during and after the show. 

Cheney explains, “Before, it used to be the quantity, like how many leads we can get at the show. iCapture has helped us understand it’s not necessarily how much we are capturing, but who we are capturing and the quality of those leads. It has helped change our mindset at trade shows. It’s not just about scanning and getting that lead. It’s about scanning that lead, qualifying that lead, and then investing the time and the team prior and after the show.” 

The Outcome

Qualify and Prioritize Leads in the Booth

Eliminate Manual Entry and Slow Follow Up

Introduce One Consistent Process

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The Power of Data and a Strategic Advantage

The Story

For over twenty years, Promethean has reimagined and reinvented educational technology solutions to empower teachers and students globally. As a major part of the award-winning EdTech leader’s marketing strategy, Promethean attends large tech events to showcase their interactive classroom technology. 

With their exhibits, Promethean features escape rooms that combine stem integration and their interactive displays and software. Event attendees enjoy a 30-minute in-depth experience that demonstrates the power of Promethean’s EdTech. 

Alongside the success of their escape rooms in driving traffic, Promethean also wanted a lead capture system that provided more opportunity for personalization and quality conversations than rented lead scanners.

Promethean Logo for Success Story

Education Technology



Integrated Software


Promethean Showcasing Its Technology at Trade Show

Benjamin Smith, Promethean’s VP of Marketing for the Americas, explains, “In the past, we just used the lead capture systems that the shows geared us towards. But there’s a couple of problems with those. They’re pretty generic, and you can’t customize them very much. We felt like there was something better out there, and then we found iCapture.”

Promethean partnered with iCapture to maximize their opportunities by focusing on three major areas:

  1. Consistency 
  2. Speed of lead follow up
  3. Visibility and event data

Escape Rooms Elevated

Consistency and faster lead follow up played important roles in Promethean’s switch to iCapture.

“I think the biggest benefit is not having to change systems from event to event,” says Smith. “You don’t need to relearn things. It’s just easy to use. It helps us work quicker. And then there’s all the automation. If it’s a hot lead, we can route that to inside sales quickly.”

As part of faster lead follow up, Promethean also uses iCapture’s customizable auto-email feature. This has been especially beneficial to manage sign-ups for the escape room during the event. After being scanned, the attendee will instantly receive an email with a link to sign-up. This streamlines Promethean’s event traffic, as well as improves their engagement.

Smith says, “I love telling people that ‘as soon as I scan you in, within a minute or two you’re going to have an email in your inbox about everything you need to know about Promethean for this event. And of course, we are going to be able to follow up with you after the show.’ I love that!”

With iCapture, Promethean can also separate their captured escape room leads from their captured booth leads. While capturing a lead within the booth, they simultaneously capture qualifying data, such as next step. For escape room attendees, they need a faster process, so booth staff simply scan the badge without any qualifying questions. iCapture allows them to customize the lead capture for each situation, something that was missing with previous lead scanning systems.

Increased Visibility Into Events

In addition to consistency and speed, Promethean also gained more visibility into their events through iCapture. 

“In the past, especially using a third party, we didn’t have a way to differentiate between leads from the escape room versus the booth, or a whole lot of other details,” says Smith. “Our actual lead data is richer now.”

Happy Promethean Reps with iCapture

Smith explains that the data also helps their team make staffing, exhibit location, and event attendance decisions. For example, they can compare how one booth location drives more traffic than another location at the same show. 

“I like having all my year after year data in iCapture so I can go back and see what the traffic pattern was in previous events,” says Smith. “One, you see the hourly breakdown of when you capture leads from a show, and that’s helpful for staffing. And then also we can show the growth from year to year. Those are the things that help from the managing perspective. There’s a lot of value, both for the quality of the product, but also knowing the cost per rep or the cost per lead you scan.”

The detailed breakdowns on each show has helped Promethean’s marketing team make data-driven decisions and event investments. This visibility, alongside the other benefits of iCapture’s automation, gives them a strategic advantage. 

“If you’re ever thinking you need to maximize the money you spend on trade shows, there’s an advantage to using iCapture,” says Smith. “If you’re of a certain size and you aren’t doing it, you probably don’t look as professional. Our scanning and follow-up, how we handle our leads, makes us the leader at these shows.”

The Outcome

One Consistent Process at Every Event

Follow-up Time Went from Weeks to Days

Increased Visibility with Event Analytics

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Capturing Conversations and Qualified Leads

The Story

Excel Dryer, an American manufacturer of high-quality hand dryers, has the aim of streamlining handwashing with fast, efficient, eco-friendly products. When it comes to events and trade shows, Excel Dryer takes the same approach: they want a streamlined process from start to finish. In previous years, they used a lead capture system that slowed their processes and made it harder to reconnect with leads immediately after shows.

Excel Dryer Logo for Success Story



United States

Integrated Software


Excel Dryer Rep at a Trade Show Booth

Streamlining Trade Show Performance

Rick Ritacco, Director of Marketing for Excel Dryer, explains, “We had been using trade show scanners from each show, paying ridiculous amounts of money, and in addition, there was a lack of consistency in the questions we were asking in the booth. We wanted to standardize that approach so that when people visited us they would be asked the same questions, our sales reps would rate them appropriately in terms of prioritization, and then we would execute a consistent plan of attack.”

Ritacco searched for a better way and found iCapture. After testing iCapture out with his sales team, Ritacco moved forward with a partnership.

iCapture helped them develop the following key areas:

  1. Follow up faster and more effectively with leads
  2. Create a consistent and automated process
  3. Help sales reengage with relevance

The automation made an immediate difference for the Excel Dryer team after partnering with iCapture. Instead of manual entry, scanned leads now instantly route to the proper channels in their CRM. 

Ritacco says, “Before it was a manual process, hours of burn time for us in terms of getting it right and then loading into the CRM correctly. So iCapture solved a lot of headaches for us.”

Devon Hoffman, Digital Marketing Specialist at the marketing agency Site-Seeker, helps manage Excel Dryer’s events. He explains that before iCapture, most of the time reps handwrote notes on the backs of business cards. Between spreadsheets and business cards, it took a good chunk of time to input and qualify all the leads from events. Often, a week passed between collecting a lead and reengaging. 

“But now we have the ability to streamline that process,” says Hoffman. 

With iCapture, Excel Dryer can qualify and segment while scanning leads. Since they often display multiple products, having a system in place to separate leads by product interest simplifies the process. 

Another important element for Excel Dryer is the human factor behind the software. Hoffman explains that in the busy trade show world, unexpected problems sometimes arise. But even if something unexpected materializes off-hours or over the weekend, he can always jump on the phone with a team member at iCapture. 

“The biggest positive for iCapture for me is the service team,” says Hoffman. “And if I have to get something set up, like an API, I will send it over at noon and by 12:30 I get an email back saying the show is ready to go. Some cases, even with as streamlined as we try to make this, I find out about the show the day it starts and someone in Support sets up those things quite quickly.” 

A System that Supports the Sales Team

For Excel Dryer’s sales reps who work at the booth, it was crucial to adopt a system that would enhance their ability to make meaningful conversations. 

“The sales team knows that when they show up, it’s going to look the same and it’s going to be consistent,” says Ritacco. 

Happy Excel Dryer Sales Reps at Trade Show

He also explains that iCapture has helped the sales team make connections outside the booth. At dinners, cocktail parties, and other social networking events, the sales reps find iCapture to be “extremely useful.” With iCapture on their phone, they can scan business cards during after-hour events as well. 

“The reps have enjoyed this process,” adds Hoffman. “They know that they’re dealing with people who are low in the funnel because we’ve weeded out the top of the funnel ones by determining that they were cold. They’ve got the ones that are going to be sales-ready, hot, good to go. It’s saving them a portion of the process of having to cold call or reinitiate their conversation.” 

Maximizing Conversations from Events

With an automated, streamlined, and integrated system, hot leads pipe straight into Excel Dryer’s CRM. Bypassing manual entry, reps can now immediately contact the hottest leads rather than taking up to a week to reach out post-show.

“My sales team is going after these leads and it’s important to hit them very, very quickly after the show,” says Ritacco. “So the timeliness of the information getting into the CRM is very critical. The reps will scan contacts in at a show, and that data will be in the CRM by the time they get back to their hotel at night. So they can actually log in to the CRM, see what was hot, and send emails that evening.”

Excel Dryer also uses auto-reply emails as part of their post-show sales tactics. After scanning a prospect’s badge or business card, the prospect can select which products they are interested in. Once the rep submits the scan, the auto-email will go out and include information on the product. This way, Excel Dryer can connect and start a conversation with a prospect during the show. 

Hoffman explains, “The biggest thing from our marketing standpoint has been the auto-reply emails. When someone is scanned and has a conversation, they’ll receive an email after taking a few steps out of our booth. To them, it’s a personal email, but from our standpoint, an automated email.”

In addition to reaching out faster, the reps also reach out with more relevance. The qualifying information captured within the booth, such as product interest and level of interest, helps reps add meaning to each follow-up call or email. Reps sometimes insert notes as well to remember specific talking points or appointments. 

“We’ve got something to start the conversation with,” says Ritacco. “It makes it so much simpler to reengage than some of the off-the-shelf things that the show provides. I recommend iCapture to anybody who sells a product, who wants to measure or closely monitor the return on investment of their shows as well as other marketing efforts. It just makes good sense.”

The Outcome

Increase Lead Quality & Lead Info

Reduce Follow Up from Weeks to Hours

One Consistent & Automated Process

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Improving Lead Quantity and Quality

The Story

TriZetto Provider Solutions (TPS), a business unit within Cognizant’s healthcare practice, provides world-class information technology solutions to make better healthcare happen. Their technology products dramatically simplify the deployment and adoption of technology—helping to reengineer the business of healthcare today, while reimagining it for tomorrow.

Before partnering with iCapture, TPS used handwritten lead forms or rented scanners to capture leads. With these lead retrieval systems, the marketing team spent a significant amount of time manually entering leads. As a result, it would take days or sometimes weeks to get leads to the sales team, and they were losing out on deals. They also lacked a method to track ROI. Without visibility, they poured money into events but could not prove to company leadership that these events generated revenue or added value. 

TriZetto Logo for Success Story



United States

Integrated Software

Salesforce, Pardot

TriZetto Cognizant Reps at Booth Exhibit at Trade Show

Searching for a Lead Capture Solution

Events are a major part of the TPS team's marketing and lead generation strategy. They attend 60–80 events a year, ranging from large to regional shows, which take up a large chunk of their marketing budget. 

During these shows, they relied mostly on rented lead scanners during larger events; when shows did not offer rented scanners, they used a postcard-sized paper called a lead form, which attendees would fill out by hand. This process led to a high number of incomplete and unreadable information. TPS also struggled with getting the handwritten information transcribed and integrated into Salesforce in a timely manner. 

Michael Sandvig, Marketing Communications and Event Manager for TPS, explains, “It takes someone a long time to enter 1,000 leads, especially when you can’t read the handwriting and have bad information anyway. The leads were not coming through fast and because the process was cumbersome, the leads, once they were finally available, were no longer valuable.”

Sandvig and the marketing team needed a better system than manually entering poorly written leads, as well as a solution that introduced consistency to their unpredictable lead retrieval processes. They also required a way to track ROI to prove the value of their events and better analyze each event’s success. With the current process, they would manually input leads into Salesforce and lose track of leads afterward; unless a salesperson tracked the progression of a lead from event to deal closure, the marketing team had no way to track ROI. 

“Our lead capture processes were everywhere,” says Sandvig. “There was no uniformity, no process, no agreed-upon procedure at all; it was just a free-for-all. And then the salespeople on the back end wondered why it took us weeks to get them the leads.”

Initially, in their search for a solution, they tried another lead retrieval company, with disappointing results. Due to the lengthy input process and inefficient interface, they eventually returned to their same old method of handwriting leads or using rented scanners. But their pain points persisted. 

Soon after, Sandvig experienced an iCapture demo, and he quickly discovered iCapture “checked all our boxes in terms of ease-of-use and ability,” as well as integrated with Salesforce and lead retrieval vendors. Their team entered into a partnership with iCapture and had three main objectives:

  1. Eliminate manual entry and move leads faster through the funnel
  2. Add visibility and track ROI for each event
  3. Create a consistent system that integrates seamlessly with their workflow

One System, Multiple Improvements

Since working with iCapture, Sandvig reports, “Almost everything has changed for the better and for good reason.”

A few of those positive changes included a boost in both quantity and quality of leads. Sandvig explains that they have increased the overall number of leads captured by at least 25%. With a more efficient system, they can capture more leads and conversations at booths, and the sales team take greater interest and ownership in generating new leads.

Along with a greater quantity, the TPS booth staff can qualify leads during capture with customized questionnaires. During capture, each lead instantly qualifies as either a SQL or MQL and routes to sales and marketing respectively.

Conversation at Trizetto

“Prior to using iCapture, leads went into Salesforce without any qualification,” says Sandvig. “We downloaded thousands of leads from the show into Salesforce, sometimes creating tens of thousands of duplicates. With garbage, duplicate leads, it just messed everything up and decreases the value of everything you’re trying to do. iCapture played a big role in helping us get useful data entered into Salesforce and without entering duplicates.”

TPS has also seen a huge improvement in timing and speed of follow up. With captured leads instantly synced into Salesforce, the sales team can now reach out to hot leads right away. Instead of lead follow up taking days and sometimes weeks, TPS now follows up within hours.

Analytics & Results

Along with faster follow up, TPS has access to analytics and data to make more informed decisions. The team tracks each lead's journey from start to finish in the sales cycle. This gives them more visibility into the buyer's journey and their target audience. Another big element for TPS is being able to measure each event’s success and spend. iCapture has helped them calculate ROI and compare events to see where they should invest. They can also better staff the booth based on traffic analytics. 

Sandvig explains, “We have already begun using iCapture data to lower our costs of attending shows. We have been able to eliminate 2–3 people based on traffic data, saving hotel and per diem costs by knowing we need less staffing the last few days of the show, when we can see that far fewer leads come to the booth.” 

By reducing booth staff costs, as well as increasing quantity and quality of leads, the TPS team has maximized their return on investment. Through one streamlined system, TPS has transformed its trade show performance.

The Outcome

Increase Lead Quantity by over 25%

7x Faster Lead Follow-up

One Consistent System Across All Events

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The Power of One Consistent System

The Story is a leader in transportation technology and freight matching solutions. Founded in 1995 as the first load board on the Internet, offers logistics solutions for transportation professionals through load planning, transportation management, real-time rates, and negotiation tools, as well as the largest industry credit reporting entity helping industry professionals find trusted freight partners.

Before iCapture, lacked consistency. They had no set system for capturing and qualifying leads, following up post-show, and measuring performance at trade shows. As a result, they were losing out on countless deals and had no clear data justification for attending shows. When searching for a mobile lead capture solution, they wanted a user-friendly system that gave them accurate and consistent data. This data would enable them to show their senior leadership that they were investing in the right events and their dollars were being well spent.

Video Results from Using iCapture



United States

Integrated Software

Salesforce, Pardot Large Booth Exhibit at Trade Show

Searching for a Lead Capture Solution has grown as a transportation leader since its inception twenty-four years ago, right when the Internet first found its footing. Since then, their industry has accelerated, and technology right with it. had the demand and product, but they needed a consistent system for trade shows and marketing efforts. They kept pouring money into trade shows without a method to track leads and close deals immediately after.

Jamie Boyer, Directing of Marketing Services for, explains, “Trade shows are expensive, so not knowing our return on investment from trade shows was very frustrating. We could come back and say we saw so many people at the show, but we didn’t have a way to measure it. Because it is such a huge investment, both from a monetary standpoint and a personnel standpoint, we really needed a way to measure the effectiveness of those shows.” searched for a trade show lead capture solution and partnered with iCapture, a mobile lead capture solution that integrated with’s CRM software, Salesforce and Pardot. entered the partnership with four main goals in mind:

  1. Double the amount of leads captured
  2. Increase lead quality
  3. Cut follow-up time by more than half
  4. Create a consistent, cohesive system

Elevating Trade Show Performance

At previous trade shows, had more of a “throwing money at a problem” approach and went through the motions by renting lead scanners at shows. They lacked a consistent method to capture leads, measure the quality of the leads, and give the sales team access to leads post-show—and they were losing out on deals because of it. 

Boyer explains that unlike rented scanners, iCapture instantly routes SQLs into Salesforce and MQLs into Pardot. Their sales reps receive hot, sales-qualified leads immediately for them to follow-up on within hours instead of weeks. team at a trade show with iCapture

Before with rented lead scanners, the sales reps only had basic contact information to start a conversation post-show. Now, the sales team receive an additional 2-4 data points on each lead. With information like the prospect’s pain point and product interest, the reps reengage with higher quality conversation post-show.

Along with confidence in capturing conversations and following-up, iCapture has also helped measure each lead and each event.

“We like having one consistent system like iCapture because it validates our trade show data,” says Boyer. “We can compare apples to apples with the leads that we’re collecting and the information that we’re gathering . . . Versus if we were using multiple systems or simply scanning a business card, there’s no quality control.”

Results & ROI

After implementing iCapture, could access analytics for each show they attended, clearly outlining the success of each event. And the analytics spoke for themselves. With iCapture, the number and quality of leads collected per event jumped by over 50%. At the past three GATS events, each year they have more than doubled their lead capture total. Plus, the speed of lead contacting post-show moved from weeks to hours. 

Mike Vogt, Trade Show Manager at, says, “Without iCapture we would still be doing the same thing the way we have always done it. We wouldn’t have the visibility into ‘this show is giving us 25 quality leads’ [and] ‘this show is giving us 100 quality leads.’ We kind of just had to rely on salespeoples’ input for that, and now we can just watch the integration through Salesforce.”

Now they have clear evidence of each show’s effectiveness, as well as a cohesive system to track all their leads, and Boyer credits that system for their recent trade show success. 

“The thing that I like about iCapture is that it integrates with our Salesforce system, and then we can track those leads. We can see that customer’s journey through that sales process . . . If we hadn’t implemented iCapture, I think we would still be in the dark. We would be spending a lot of money going to these shows without really having any true data of how valuable the show was.”

The Outcome

Increase Lead Quality by over 50%

Reduce Follow Up from Weeks to Hours

Increase Lead Quantity by over 50%

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Getting Hot Leads to Sales Faster

The Story

Founded in 2006, Cradlepoint has grown to become the industry leader in cloud-delivered 4G LTE network solutions for business, service providers, and government organizations. Cradlepoint’s all-inclusive NetCloud Solution Packages for branch, mobile, and IoT networks combine tailored NetCloud services with purpose-built hardware and a comprehensive support plan. NetCloud Solution Packages are cloud-managed and deployable anywhere in days, not months.

Before iCapture, Cradlepoint lacked instant scanning capabilities and a consistent method to measure their performance at trade shows, and they were losing deals because of delayed contact post-show. They also needed a way to calculate ROI to  give their senior leadership physical evidence that they were investing in the right shows and their dollars were being well spent.

Video Cradlepoint Results from Using iCapture



United States

Integrated Software


Cradlepoint Large Booth Exhibit at Trade Show

Searching for a Solution

Cradlepoint is the industry leader in cloud-delivered 4G LTE network solutions, and part of their success stems from trade shows and events. In 2017, they participated in sixty-eight events worldwide, with no sign of slowing down.

The more events they attended, the more Event Marketing Specialist Katie Olsen realized they needed a better system. With a huge time gap between collecting leads at events and contacting them, they were missing out on deals, and it was getting harder to justify event spend to the company’s upper leadership.

“My biggest challenge as an event manager is that there’s always a lot of events happening at the same time,” Olsen says. “For me, it was important to find a way to simplify the process. It wasn’t really consistent what trade shows were offering for their lead retrieval. We worked with a lot of different systems, and then some shows didn’t offer anything at all. We would just have to collect business cards, which is so archaic. And then it would take forever to not only get them back from the show, but just to put them into a spreadsheet, get them into Marketo, and get it so the salespeople could actually start calling those leads.”

Olsen knew there had to be a better way. Cradlepoint searched for a lead capture solution, and after trying a few other options, decided iCapture was the best fit. They entered the partnership with two major goals:

  1. Cutting down lead follow-up time from weeks to hours
  2. Gaining visibility into every event’s success to later track ROI

Speed of Follow Up is Everything

With iCapture, Cradlepoint moved away from rented scanners and business cards. Instead, they now capture badges and business cards, along with useful information like product preference, buying timeline, and so forth. Each lead instantly processes and is sent directly into Marketo. Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) are sorted differently from Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) so the sales and marketing teams would not need to sift through the information and separate them manually.

Happy Cradlepoint Reps at a Trade Shows

Through these automation changes, Cradlepoint’s follow-up time post-show moved from weeks to hours. This allows them to close deals with hot leads that used to sit for weeks at the bottom of a briefcase.

“I think speed of follow up is everything,” Olsen says. “We’ve got a lot of competition out there, and we want to be the first person calling people back.”

Along with the speed of following up and closing more deals, Olsen also explains the benefits of saving time with a more efficient system.

“It’s going to make your life easier . . . It’s just instantly in the system, and you don’t have to worry about getting those leads in when you come back from the show. You’re basically already behind when you’re on these trade shows. It’s one less thing you have to think about. It’s one less thing you have to worry about. When there are one hundred things happening around you, it’s a no brainer.”

ROI & Analytics Galore

Alongside a better lead retrieval solution, Cradlepoint also wanted a system in place that could clearly spell out ROI and other helpful analytics from each trade show. iCapture filled that data gap for Olsen and her team.

“I get a weekly report of how my trade shows are doing and how many leads I’ve captured,” explains Olsen. “I need to show numbers too because I have to make sure I’m doing my part and bringing those leads in . . . Our company continues to grow, and they are looking more at those numbers, at those analytics, so it’s really key to be able to have that information to show back to our senior level staff.”

Cradlepoint now has the ability to track specific analytics for each event, such as captures per day or hour, top team member based off scans, most popular products, etc. Prior to this, they had no system in place to show event ROI to their leadership. Through iCapture, Cradlepoint can access analytics as evidence of the positive influx of sales from each trade show. These data points have helped drive investment decisions, which trade shows they attend, and so on.

“As I do more and more events, I think about how it used to be when I first started and getting that stack of cards back and trying to put it into an excel spreadsheet, and it’s almost humorous,” says Olsen. “I can’t believe I spent all that time doing that. I’m so glad that’s all behind me.”

The Outcome

7x Faster Follow Up

6500+ Segmented Leads to Marketo

100+ Happy Reps

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