Data Security and Compliance

We've Got You Covered

iCapture ensures that the data delivered to your tech stack remains clean and consistent. Our template architecture takes into account the field types and required fields to ensure a successful delivery with every lead captured.

Our level of security includes GDPR, CCPA, and SOC 2 compliance, which ensures the data you are collecting is safeguarded.


Data is encrypted in transit with TLS 1.2. Data is encrypted at rest with AES.

Continuous Monitoring

Independent third-party penetration, threat, and vulnerability testing.

Data Handling

iCapture is in full compliance with GDPR and has support for data deletion.


User access controls with single sign on.

Secure Hosting

iCapture’s cloud environments are backed by Google's security measures.


Role based account access workflows.



Penetration Testing

We perform an independent third-party penetration test at least annually to ensure ongoing protection.

Security Training

Our team goes through employee security awareness training covering industry standard practices.

Third-Party Audits

Our organization undergoes independent third-party assessments to test our security controls.

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities related to our information security program are well defined and documented.

Information Security Program

Our information security program follows the criteria set forth by ISO 27001 and SOC 2.

Continuous Security Monitoring

We continuously monitor our security and compliance status to ensure there are no lapses.

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