We Felt Your Pain...

and have been working the past decade to solve it

Trying to read handwritten names and emails... sorting them into a spreadsheet... and then uploading them and sorting them again in an email tool.

Over 20 years ago, these frustrations began the exploration of what would become iCapture.

Trade shows and conferences serve up some of the highest quality engagements your team is likely to encounter. Capturing these conversations, and turning them into actionable data requires the right tools and the right process. Our goal is to help you capture these opportunities and turn them into wins for you and your team.

Our clients continue to be a source of inspiration. Inspiring our ongoing innovation and growth as a company. Exploring the best ways to capture leads and conversations. We are delighted to offer the best trade show lead capture platform on the planet and we are grateful to serve hundreds of companies who use iCapture all over the world.

Our Beliefs

Trade Shows Are Hard
There are a million things to juggle when attending a trade show. Checking just one off your list can make a big impact.

Lead Capture Should Be Easy
A lot of lead capture solutions result in more complications. iCapture is designed to make your life easier.

Consistency is Key
Switching lead capture solutions every trade show is a time and money sucker. That's why iCapture is the only app you'll need for every event.

Integration is Crucial
No more CSV files and manual entry. Leads should be sent directly into your CRM so follow-up can start immediately.

Visibility is Power
You should walk away with more than just "We had good conversations." Visibility is necessary to support decision-making and drive action.

Less is More
Complex products are difficult to adopt and don't drive results. That's why we only focus on one thing: capturing and delivering your leads.

The iCapture Team

At iCapture, we believe in exceptional people and innovative solutions. We challenge ourselves and each other to create the best experience for our clients. We are more than an app. We are a trusted, strategic partner here to help you maximize your trade shows and events.


Brady Roberts

President and Co-Founder

Sean Brown

Chief Operating Officer

David Mitchell

Chief Revenue Officer

Our core values that we live and breathe every day.

Challenge the Status Quo
We are constantly thinking of ways to adapt and improve. Just because something has been done a certain way doesn't mean it's right.

Extreme Ownership
We take accountability, we get it done, and we own mistakes. The only real mistake you can make is to not learn from them.

Excellence Wins
We never settle for subpar. In order to achieve excellent results, we must put in excellent work.

Always Learning
There is always a better way, This is why we practice CANI - constant and never ending improvement.

Be Yourself and Have Fun
We embrace our inner tech nerds and never miss an opportunity for an Office joke or a competitive game of Tetris.

Interested in knowing more?

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