A Solution for Your Entire Team

Uniform, Consistent Data Workflow

1:1 Field Mappings You Can Count On

Although every event may encounter its own unique set of challenges, iCapture ensures that the data delivered to your tech stack remains clean and consistent.  No need to worry about the marketing and sales teams changing things up every time. Our template architecture takes into account the field types and required fields to ensure a successful delivery with every lead captured.

Enterprise-Grade Security

We've Got You Covered

We have the security in place to protect your data. We have you covered for GDPR, CCPA, and all of your data opt-in requirements. Our SOC2 compliance provides the assurance that the data you are collecting is safeguarded.

Built for IT Pros... by IT Pros

No Need to Install Custom Packages or Modules

Our in-house team of professionals can speak to your IT team and answer any technical questions they may have.

Our native integrations give you the power and confidence you need to ensure the data from every event follows your workflow.

Standardization and Smart Marketing

We have more visibility into what events we are attending and what results we are getting at each event.

Customer Success Manager

The Power of One Consistent System

We like having one consistent system because it validates our trade show data.

Director of Marketing Services

Quality Leads and Relevant Engagement

Being able to pre-qualify has significantly helped quantify and qualify.

Marketing Supervisor

The Value of Consistency and Quality Data

Prior to iCapture, our lead capture processes were everywhere.

Marketing Communications and Event Manager

Interested in knowing more?

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