5 Ways to Add a Lead Capture Kiosk To Your Trade Show Strategy

4 Ways to Add a Lead Capture Kiosk To Your Trade Show Strategy

Trade show lead capture includes more than badge scanning. 

For the past MANY years, trade show lead capture simply meant... Badge Scanning. As technology evolves, so should our lead capture strategies. 

Why do you need other solutions? 

  • When you think of all the events you go to, are badge scanners offered at every one? Do they even HAVE badges at all the events? 
  • When all your booth staff are busy, are you missing interested attendees walking by? 
  • When you collect attendee information for a raffle, does their contact info make it to your CRM? Or do those paper lead forms or business cards get trashed?

These are a FEW of the questions with answers that point to why trade show lead capture needs to include more than badge scanning. 

Let’s walk through all the ways you can level up your trade show strategy and results, by adding a lead capture Kiosk.

Ways to Use Kiosk Mode: Case #1 

Back Up For When Booth Reps Are Busy 

Don’t let your leads walk away

Booths can get busy, and you only have so many reps! 

It’s always a great feeling to look around and see that all the reps in the booth are having great conversations - but what happens to interested attendees when there is no one to talk to? Chances are, that attendee will continue walking and not make their way back. This is where a Kiosk can be a huge savior! 

Adding a lead capture Kiosk to your booth is like adding another sales rep, but without all the extra costs. Attendees can fill out their own information, making sure that you don’t miss that lead! Don’t let your leads walk away. 

Ways to Use Kiosk Mode: Case #2 

Capturing Leads for Giveaways

Don’t let your leads drown in a fishbowl.

We’ve all seen the creative ways exhibitors go about raffles and giveaways - most consisting of paper forms and fish bowls. 

But how often do these paper leads actually get into your CRM? 

Like flip phones and DVR’s, using fish bowls to gather trade show leads is pretty archaic compared to today’s technology. 

Drop the fishbowl by using a lead capture Kiosk mode for giveaways. Attendees can fill out their information on the Kiosk form, entering them into the raffle AND into your CRM. If you don’t want these leads sent directly to your CRM, you can hold them in the iCapture back office. We even have a built-in feature to pick a random winner! Either way, you won't have a stack of business cards waiting for manual entry post-show. 

Trade show fish bowl

Ways to Use Kiosk Mode: Case #3 

Capture Leads At Events Without Badges

Not all events are the same, so your lead capture solutions shouldn’t be either. 

Badge scanning is a great way to capture leads... but only when you’re at an event with badges to scan. 

There are many events and conferences that don't offer scannable badges. In these cases, most companies resort to the old ways of collecting business cards or paper forms. But this doesn’t need to be the case! 

Add a lead capture Kiosk to your conference booth or tabletop! Anyone you meet can input their information into the form with ease. A lead capture Kiosk makes it easy to collect leads and make sure they still make it into your CRM. When you use Kiosk lead forms at these badgeless events, you’re putting yourself 5 steps ahead of everyone else there!

trade show kiosk lead form 

Ways to Use Kiosk Mode: Case #4 

Check-in for your booth or sessions

Know who comes to your booth or sessions with kiosk check-in

Many attendees come and go through booths and attend sessions and it can be hard to capture everyone who has engaged with your brand. 

Having a lead capture Kiosk check-in at your booth or at a speaking session is a great way to capture attendee information, handsfree. Capture speaking session attendee data and follow-up with more information on the topic. 

trade show check in kiosk

Win at trade shows and events by diversifying your lead capture strategies 

Leave the fish bowls to the fish and capture more leads by adding a Kiosk to your trade show and event strategy

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