Increase Your Trade Show Results with a Lead Capture QR Code

Increase Your Trade Show Results with a Lead Capture QR Code

You’ve heard us say it once, and you’ll hear us say it again: trade show lead capture should include more than badge scanning. 

Badge scanning can be a vital part of trade show lead capture. However, having only one lead capture option can negatively impact your trade show results. 

One great way to diversify your lead capture solutions is with a lead capture QR Code.

Let’s dive into the ways you can add this prospect-facing lead form to your trade show and event strategy.

How A QR Code Works for Lead Capture 

Before we talk use cases, let's review how this unique QR code works. Like all other QR codes, attendees will scan it with their phone. Unlike other QR codes you see at events that passively send you to the company's website or a page to learn more, a lead capture QR code has an active purpose. When the attendee scans the code, it pulls up your custom virtual lead form on their phone for them to complete. Once it is filled out, that information is sorted and sent directly to your CRM via iCapture.

Use Case #1

Busy booths need more options for capturing valuable prospect data

Don’t let your leads walk away!

We touched on this in our other guide about adding a Kiosk lead form to your trade show booth. A lead capture QR code is another great way to ensure attendee data is collected especially when your booth staff is busy. 

As an exhibitor, we love to see that our booth is busy. As an attendee, a busy booth can be overwhelming and the wait to talk to a rep can be frustrating. 

Adding a QR code to your booth is almost like adding another sales rep. An attendee can scan the code and fill out their information through your virtual form on their own device, ensuring you don’t miss a single lead. This QR code can be a part of your booth design, on a placard on your table, on a TV screen, or anywhere else you would find useful. 

Use Case #2

Get More From Your Branding and Sponsorships

Brand recognition is great, but let's go one step further.

Feel like you pour money into branding materials or sponsorships with no real return? You opted to be the bag sponsor or you got a big banner in the entry… now what? 

Start seeing results from your branding and sponsorships by adding a lead capture QR code. You can put your QR code on just about anything, and by doing so, you can capture attendee information! Trade shows can be very large and attendees may not get to all the booths they want. Well now with your QR code on an asset they received, they can easily get in touch with your team. Even if they don’t have time to visit your booth, you’re still reaching an interested audience. 

Use Case #3

Get Results From Your Giveaways

Don’t let your leads drown in fishbowls.

In a world full of technology at our fingertips, we shouldn't still be using pen, paper, and fishbowls to collect leads for giveaways. Sure, this used to be the status quo, but that was around the time landlines in cars were the newest fad. When companies use these outdated methods, there is a very slim chance that these leads are making it into their CRM. 

Collecting information for raffles and giveaways is incredibly easy with a lead capture QR code. Attendees scan the code, fill out the lead form, and boom - they are entered into the raffle AND your CRM. A fun feature in the iCapture office is the ability to randomly select someone who entered your raffle. Now that the raffle leads are actually in your CRM (and sorted/qualified accordingly), they can be added to nurture campaigns.

Trade show fish bowl

Use Case #4

Gain Visibility into Your Session Attendance 

Know your crowd.

Holding speaking sessions or any events at a trade show are a great way to reach a larger audience. The people who attend these sessions are interested in what you have to say, which also means they are interested in your product or service. Do these attendees' information get captured? If so, is it a seamless process?

A lead capture QR Code makes it easy and efficient to capture information from people who want to learn more about what you have to offer. Throw the QR code up on your presentation or at the check-in desk. You now have your attendees's contact information and can follow up with targeted and relevant collateral!

Increasing your trade show and event results is as easy as including a lead capture QR code!

There are many ways QR code lead forms can be utilized! How can you see your team incorporating this into their strategy?

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