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Meet The iCapture Team

The iCapture Difference

At iCapture, we focus on helping companies turn Trade Show leads into revenue. However, it's more than our product that helps our clients reach their goals. Our Customer Success and Support teams play a large part in our app's successful implementation and integration for customers. Their unparalleled level of service turns this app into a strategic element for event success.

Let's take a closer look at how our Success and Support teams help clients maximize event success.

iCapture Customer Success Team

What does the iCapture Success team do?

The entire Success Team is dedicated (mainly obsessed!) to ensuring that our clients achieve their goals and objectives by utilizing iCapture to turn Trade Show conversations into sales pipeline revenue. The team takes our clients through the launch process to prepare their custom lead forms, workflows, and team training, all in time for their first event. They stay connected throughout the partnership to ensure our clients achieve new successes at events throughout the year.

What makes our Success Team stand out?

Mike Kelsey, director of Client Success, believes that their personal care and ingenuity make the iCapture team stand out. "We all know that events are messy. The data flow from a conversation at a booth to a client's tech stack into a sales pipeline is not usually straightforward. Each member of the Success Team can efficiently and creatively navigate those waters and take enormous pride in doing so. They truly care about our clients and want to see them succeed!"

iCapture Customer Support Team

What does the iCapture Support team do?

The iCapture support team facilitates the day-to-day tasks of ensuring our clients' events run effortlessly. Our team transcribes every business card and verifies all Badge Scan settings while providing 24/7 live support for our platform and mobile app. In addition, we monitor all live events to resolve issues proactively. The Support team is also the first contact for reporting and testing software issues and ensuring they are reported to the development team efficiently.

What makes our Support Team stand out?

Ryan Vanderbook, Director of Client Support, explains, "Our support team monitors customer events around the clock and proactively reaches out to clients if any action is needed. As a result, the support team can resolve issues like mismatched data or invalid scans in the background with zero client contact. Our team prides themselves on having excellent attention to detail while maintaining fantastic productivity metrics."

Customer Success Starts With This Team

It takes little time for our clients to see our Success and Support team's impact. From providing training to 24/7 support, our teams are the key to many of our customer's success.

It's no coincidence that more than 70% of iCapture 5-star reviews specifically mention our support and success teams.

What's Your Favorite Part About Working On The Support/Success Team? 

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