An Automation Partnership: Streamlining Event Success

The Story

Engineering Innovation, Inc. (Eii), experts in postal and parcel automation design, develops solutions that work for any size fulfillment, returns, mailing, and shipping operation.

As part of their marketing efforts, Eii attends several events a year, and they needed a consistent method of capturing leads. They primarily collected business cards at these events, but the sales reps struggled with differentiating between leads and remembering conversations in the booth. This slowed their lead follow-up and post-show marketing efforts. 

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Searching for a Lead Capture Solution

“We were very ineffective collecting leads from trade shows,” says Donna Keemer, Business Development and Customer Success Manager at Eii. “Trade shows are busy, and when you get back, if you don’t have all the information captured well, then it’s hard to follow up on the leads.”

As an automation-centered company, Eii searched for an automated solution to optimize their event opportunities.

After trying a few lead capture platforms without success, Eii partnered with iCapture and had three main goals:

  1. Remove manual entry and automate lead capture
  2. Sort leads as hot or cold during capture 
  3. Reduce lead follow-up time

Better Lead Capture, Better Lead Engagement

Since partnering with iCapture, Eii has seen more value from their trade shows, especially larger events, where they can capture greater amounts of leads. At one of their biggest events of the year, National Postal Forum (NPF) 2019, Eii’s exhibit included a racing simulator. With an original, exciting lead generator, they received 3x more traffic than the year prior. The racing simulator drew in both targeted and unrelated traffic, and iCapture helped sort and prioritize all the captured leads.

Keemer explains, “iCapture helps us sort which leads are hotter to follow up on first. And it sorts out the people who stopped by our booth for the fun of the simulator, but aren’t really interested in our products. They might have gotten one automated email, but we didn’t call a lot of them because we could tell from the data that they weren’t strong leads. It helps us sort out the better leads to follow up on right away.”


Along with speed of follow-up during and after the show, Keener explains that an added benefit of iCapture is the customer service and support. When she needs any technical assistance, the iCapture team responds quickly, even over weekends during Eii’s busy shows.

 “Anytime I’ve called for Customer Support, I got help right away, and lots of explanation, and I’ve seen how iCapture’s Back Office has become more user-friendly and added more features. I really appreciate it. It makes our life easier.”

As for the Eii booth staff and sales team, Keener says that they “love it.” 

With the positive response both inside and outside the booth, Keener says she would recommend iCapture to “anybody who I knew was going to a trade show. You almost have to have some sort of capture system at those big shows. I would recommend it to anybody because it works for us.”

Engineering Innovation Large Exhibit Booth at Trade Show

The Outcome

Eliminate Manual Entry and Automate the Process

Reduce Follow Up Time

Sort Leads as Hot or Cold During Capture

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