Consistency and Simplicity Wins at Trade Shows

The Story

Planmeca Oy is a global leader in many fields of healthcare technology, with products distributed in over 120 countries worldwide. Their product range covers digital dental units, CAD/CAM solutions, world-class 2D and 3D imaging devices, and comprehensive software solutions.

As the world’s largest privately held dental equipment company, Planmeca attends a variety of events each year to reach its audience. Previously at these shows, they switched between different show-specific lead retrieval systems. As a result, they had no standardized approach. It also left their team with tedious manual entry after each event.




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Searching for a Lead Capture Solution

Robin Gathman, Trade Show and Special Events Manager for Planmeca, explains, “Every single trade show was a different lead management system. Our reps had to learn systems over and over and over again. They were pretty vocal about constantly having to learn something new. We needed to find a solution that was more consistent and that would work well with Salesforce.”

The Planmeca team searched for a solution to bring more consistency to their events. After discovering iCapture and entering into a partnership, Planmeca targeted three key areas for improvement:

  1. Eliminate manual entry
  2. Create a seamless Salesforce integration
  3. Use one consistent system across all events

One Consistent Process in the Booth

Since partnering with iCapture, the Planmeca team has eliminated manual entry and adopted one system across events. The team no longer needs to worry about arranging lead capture systems for different show types and sizes. Previously, they struggled capturing the valuable lead data at smaller events that lacked lead retrieval systems.

“We are able to spread iCapture across not just our major shows, but at our smaller shows,” says Gathman. “Now we can capture leads at those smaller shows that we weren’t always able to do before. It gives our reps an easy way to scan business cards, and then they don’t have to do the work after.”

Doug Leak, Trade Show Coordinator for Planmeca, explains how one consistent solution has simplified the process for Planmeca’s reps in the booth. Before, the reps worried about learning new systems and constantly changing processes. Now, iCapture has provided consistency from show to show. It also adds a level of comfort to use iCapture on their own devices.

“For the reps, being able to use their own personal device, where they can do some trial-and-error and a few test scans to get used to it, is very helpful. iCapture is extremely easy to use in the field.”

Seamless Integration and Quality Data

In addition to simplifying the process for the booth reps, iCapture’s automation has helped stop leads from falling through the cracks. With the direct integration, Planmeca’s leads route straight into Salesforce after capture. Then reps from various territories can follow up with prospects right away.

“It gives our reps something on a regular basis to capture leads, and that gives them more business hopefully,” says Gathman. “Then nobody gets lost or forgotten at the end of the show when you’re tired, or you’ve lost a business card, since it’s all entered digitally.”

Leak agrees that the integration into Salesforce has been crucial. He adds, “What I like about iCapture is how fast it talks with Salesforce. The second that a rep scans a lead from a show, it’s already into Salesforce. Really it’s just the ease of use, with leads going from the palm of our hands into our systems.”

Along with a secure and automated lead capture process, Planmeca has also set up questionnaires through iCapture. These questionnaires capture key qualifying information, such as product interest and timeline, in the booth. As a result, the reps following up post-show have quality information to start a conversation. This makes a difference in their reengagement because Planmeca assigns prospects by territory, not by who first captured the lead. Instead of cold calling, the assigned Planmeca reps can reach out to prospects with more relevance post-show, as if they had talked to the prospect directly at the show.

“The reps in the booth like that iCapture takes leads through a series of questions that will make it easier for the next rep that will be following up,” says Leak. “By having these questionanires in an easy format, they are basically able to capture information, almost like talking to that person before they even give them a call. I would recommend iCapture to anyone who is looking for an easy-to-use app to capture leads at trade shows or events. We have made several changes to streamline the process and make it as easy as possible for our reps attending trade shows to capture attendee information in a quick but efficient way.”

Planmeca Rep Speaking to Prospects at an Event

The Outcome

Eliminate Manual Entry and Slow Follow Up

Leads Integrate Seamlessly with Salesforce

One Consistent System Across All Events

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