Standardization and Smart Marketing Elevates Event Performance

The Story

Founded in 1925, Shure is a leading global manufacturer of headphones and microphone technology with a 94-year history of shaping the audio industry. The Shure team attends around 100+ events across the world each year. As a B2B, B2C, and B2D company, they manage many different audiences at their events. With a variety of channels and regions to track, they needed a more consistent method to capture leads at shows. Previously, they relied on business cards or rented lead scanners to capture leads.

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Searching for a Solution

“The challenge with gathering business cards or receiving data directly from the event is that we didn't receive the specific information needed for relevant and efficient follow-up,” explains Laura Orth, Customer Success Manager for Shure. "We do tons of events every year, so it was a big workload to get files prepared to upload into the system. There was also a delay between when we received the data versus when it was available for the sales team to follow up."

Along with their struggles with inconsistent lead retrieval and delayed follow up, standardizing data played a key role in their search for a more advanced system. With their global presence, they needed a consistent process that could support multiple languages and enable GDPR compliance.

Shure’s team searched for software that could alleviate all their pain points and discovered iCapture. Shure moved forward with a partnership with three primary objectives:

  1. Eliminate manual entry and reduce inconsistent data input
  2. Standardize the capture process to improve follow-up times
  3. Add global integration to capturing and organizing sales leads

Fast Follow Up and Informed Conversations

After implementing iCapture, the Shure team no longer had to worry about manual entry and delayed follow up. Now their leads sync straight into Salesforce during capture, enabling their sales team to contact leads immediately after the show.

“Our post show follow-up time has been improved,” says Orth. “Previously, follow up methods were inconsistent after events. We now have a standardized lead handling process for our sales team.”

Along with a consistent and faster process to contact leads, Shure’s sales team also has depth of information to help re-engagement. In the booth, sales associates record qualifying data, such as product interest and buyer type, so they can be more targeted with their follow up post-show. 

Orth adds, “Sales is getting better data to have a more informed conversation when they make that follow up. Instead of trying to remember conversations that happened at the event, they have that information right in front of them. For shows where we are talking to hundreds of people, it's much easier to have a relevant conversation after the show.”

A Consistent and Customizable Solution

Being a global company with teams spreading across the world, Shure needed a way to standardize the lead capture process. This way, their team in Germany would ask prospects the same questions as their team in Chicago.

Shure Reps and Prospects at an Event

“For us, standardization has been huge, and just making sure across the globe we are collecting the same data points,” says Orth. “Prior to iCapture, the data that we collected across each region was different. Having iCapture helps us ensure the data is coming into the system in a clean way, with the necessary data points that our sales team needs to follow up. It has also helped us understand where our biggest audience segments are and how we can use that data for smarter marketing.”

In addition to standardization, the Shure team also required a more flexible solution for each unique circumstance. As a B2B, B2C, and B2D company, Shure has many audience segments they encounter at shows. With iCapture, they can easily ask different qualifying questions for each segment at a show.

Orth explains, “We have a very broad audience base, so it's important that we understand the persona we are talking to. We capture different data points depending on which segment they fall into. Having a custom template for each segment is huge and saves us time when setting up each event. Each event has a different scenario, and the tool is flexible enough to accommodate what you need at each event.”

Another aspect of the custom capture process for Shure is the ability to meet GDPR standards while at trade shows. iCapture helps them seamlessly comply without disrupting the capture process.

“One of the main tenets of GDPR is that you have to be able to provide where and when you received consent, so we can now track that both in iCapture and when that data passes into Salesforce,” says Orth. “And then for countries where we need to do a double opt-in, we trigger that email right away based on the country we collect. It gets us very quick double confirmation for those specific countries.”

Smart Marketing and Visibility

For the Shure marketing team, the visibility offered from iCapture has helped them make data-driven decisions. One example is their marketing initiatives based off data gathered from events.

Orth explains, “We use email marketing post-show, so we’re able to follow up with relevant products and content based off what prospects told us they were interested in at certain shows. Before, we would send out a ‘thanks for attending’ message and talk about what we brought to the show, but not necessarily what people were interested in specifically when they talked with us in the booth. The marketing initiatives that we are doing now are much more targeted than they were previously.”

Along with targeted campaigns, Shure has increased visibility into the performance of each event. This enables them to take more strategic approaches to event attendance and marketing on both an individual and holistic scale.

“We have more detailed access into what results we are getting at each event," says Orth. "Prior to iCapture and Salesforce, we couldn’t effectively measure the output from each event. We go to over a hundred events globally, so our initial goal is to understand what events and what event plans produce the most leads and best results for us. iCapture helps us be more strategic about what events we invest in.”

With faster follow up, relevant reengagement, a consistent platform to unify their teams, standardized data, and powerful visibility, Shure’s team has found greater success during events and capitalized on more opportunities post-show.

Orth concludes, “I think iCapture is great for any company that is attending events, but especially if they are looking to standardize the data and get leads into the hands of their sales team in a seamless, quicker way.”

The Outcome

Standardize the Capture Process

Eliminate Manual Entry and Increase Follow Up Speed

Add Global Visibility and Access to Events

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