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TriZetto Provider Solutions (TPS), a business unit within Cognizant’s healthcare practice, provides world-class information technology solutions to make better healthcare happen. Their technology products dramatically simplify the deployment and adoption of technology—helping to reengineer the business of healthcare today, while reimagining it for tomorrow.

Before partnering with iCapture, TPS used handwritten lead forms or rented scanners to capture leads. With these lead retrieval systems, the marketing team spent a significant amount of time manually entering leads. As a result, it would take days or sometimes weeks to get leads to the sales team, and they were losing out on deals. They also lacked a method to track ROI. Without visibility, they poured money into events but could not prove to company leadership that these events generated revenue or added value. 

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Searching for a Lead Capture Solution

Events are a major part of the TPS team's marketing and lead generation strategy. They attend 60–80 events a year, ranging from large to regional shows, which take up a large chunk of their marketing budget. 

During these shows, they relied mostly on rented lead scanners during larger events; when shows did not offer rented scanners, they used a postcard-sized paper called a lead form, which attendees would fill out by hand. This process led to a high number of incomplete and unreadable information. TPS also struggled with getting the handwritten information transcribed and integrated into Salesforce in a timely manner. 

Michael Sandvig, Marketing Communications and Event Manager for TPS, explains, “It takes someone a long time to enter 1,000 leads, especially when you can’t read the handwriting and have bad information anyway. The leads were not coming through fast and because the process was cumbersome, the leads, once they were finally available, were no longer valuable.”

Sandvig and the marketing team needed a better system than manually entering poorly written leads, as well as a solution that introduced consistency to their unpredictable lead retrieval processes. They also required a way to track ROI to prove the value of their events and better analyze each event’s success. With the current process, they would manually input leads into Salesforce and lose track of leads afterward; unless a salesperson tracked the progression of a lead from event to deal closure, the marketing team had no way to track ROI. 

“Our lead capture processes were everywhere,” says Sandvig. “There was no uniformity, no process, no agreed-upon procedure at all; it was just a free-for-all. And then the salespeople on the back end wondered why it took us weeks to get them the leads.”

Initially, in their search for a solution, they tried another lead retrieval company, with disappointing results. Due to the lengthy input process and inefficient interface, they eventually returned to their same old method of handwriting leads or using rented scanners. But their pain points persisted. 

Soon after, Sandvig experienced an iCapture demo, and he quickly discovered iCapture “checked all our boxes in terms of ease-of-use and ability,” as well as integrated with Salesforce and lead retrieval vendors. Their team entered into a partnership with iCapture and had three main objectives:

  1. Eliminate manual entry and move leads faster through the funnel
  2. Add visibility and track ROI for each event
  3. Create a consistent system that integrates seamlessly with their workflow

One System, Multiple Improvements

Since working with iCapture, Sandvig reports, “Almost everything has changed for the better and for good reason.”

A few of those positive changes included a boost in both quantity and quality of leads. Sandvig explains that they have increased the overall number of leads captured by at least 25%. With a more efficient system, they can capture more leads and conversations at booths, and the sales team take greater interest and ownership in generating new leads.

Along with a greater quantity, the TPS booth staff can qualify leads during capture with customized questionnaires. During capture, each lead instantly qualifies as either a SQL or MQL and routes to sales and marketing respectively.

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“Prior to using iCapture, leads went into Salesforce without any qualification,” says Sandvig. “We downloaded thousands of leads from the show into Salesforce, sometimes creating tens of thousands of duplicates. With garbage, duplicate leads, it just messed everything up and decreases the value of everything you’re trying to do. iCapture played a big role in helping us get useful data entered into Salesforce and without entering duplicates.”

TPS has also seen a huge improvement in timing and speed of follow up. With captured leads instantly synced into Salesforce, the sales team can now reach out to hot leads right away. Instead of lead follow up taking days and sometimes weeks, TPS now follows up within hours.

Analytics & Results

Along with faster follow up, TPS has access to analytics and data to make more informed decisions. The team tracks each lead's journey from start to finish in the sales cycle. This gives them more visibility into the buyer's journey and their target audience. Another big element for TPS is being able to measure each event’s success and spend. iCapture has helped them calculate ROI and compare events to see where they should invest. They can also better staff the booth based on traffic analytics. 

Sandvig explains, “We have already begun using iCapture data to lower our costs of attending shows. We have been able to eliminate 2–3 people based on traffic data, saving hotel and per diem costs by knowing we need less staffing the last few days of the show, when we can see that far fewer leads come to the booth.” 

By reducing booth staff costs, as well as increasing quantity and quality of leads, the TPS team has maximized their return on investment. Through one streamlined system, TPS has transformed its trade show performance.

The Outcome

Increase Lead Quantity by over 25%

7x Faster Lead Follow-up

One Consistent System Across All Events

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