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The Story is a leader in transportation technology and freight matching solutions. Founded in 1995 as the first load board on the Internet, offers logistics solutions for transportation professionals through load planning, transportation management, real-time rates, and negotiation tools, as well as the largest industry credit reporting entity helping industry professionals find trusted freight partners.

Before iCapture, lacked consistency. They had no set system for capturing and qualifying leads, following up post-show, and measuring performance at trade shows. As a result, they were losing out on countless deals and had no clear data justification for attending shows. When searching for a mobile lead capture solution, they wanted a user-friendly system that gave them accurate and consistent data. This data would enable them to show their senior leadership that they were investing in the right events and their dollars were being well spent.

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Searching for a Lead Capture Solution has grown as a transportation leader since its inception twenty-four years ago, right when the Internet first found its footing. Since then, their industry has accelerated, and technology right with it. had the demand and product, but they needed a consistent system for trade shows and marketing efforts. They kept pouring money into trade shows without a method to track leads and close deals immediately after.

Jamie Boyer, Directing of Marketing Services for, explains, “Trade shows are expensive, so not knowing our return on investment from trade shows was very frustrating. We could come back and say we saw so many people at the show, but we didn’t have a way to measure it. Because it is such a huge investment, both from a monetary standpoint and a personnel standpoint, we really needed a way to measure the effectiveness of those shows.” searched for a trade show lead capture solution and partnered with iCapture, a mobile lead capture solution that integrated with’s CRM software, Salesforce and Pardot. entered the partnership with four main goals in mind:

  1. Double the amount of leads captured
  2. Increase lead quality
  3. Cut follow-up time by more than half
  4. Create a consistent, cohesive system

Elevating Trade Show Performance

At previous trade shows, had more of a “throwing money at a problem” approach and went through the motions by renting lead scanners at shows. They lacked a consistent method to capture leads, measure the quality of the leads, and give the sales team access to leads post-show—and they were losing out on deals because of it. 

Boyer explains that unlike rented scanners, iCapture instantly routes SQLs into Salesforce and MQLs into Pardot. Their sales reps receive hot, sales-qualified leads immediately for them to follow-up on within hours instead of weeks. team at a trade show with iCapture

Before with rented lead scanners, the sales reps only had basic contact information to start a conversation post-show. Now, the sales team receive an additional 2-4 data points on each lead. With information like the prospect’s pain point and product interest, the reps reengage with higher quality conversation post-show.

Along with confidence in capturing conversations and following-up, iCapture has also helped measure each lead and each event.

“We like having one consistent system like iCapture because it validates our trade show data,” says Boyer. “We can compare apples to apples with the leads that we’re collecting and the information that we’re gathering . . . Versus if we were using multiple systems or simply scanning a business card, there’s no quality control.”

Results & ROI

After implementing iCapture, could access analytics for each show they attended, clearly outlining the success of each event. And the analytics spoke for themselves. With iCapture, the number and quality of leads collected per event jumped by over 50%. At the past three GATS events, each year they have more than doubled their lead capture total. Plus, the speed of lead contacting post-show moved from weeks to hours. 

Mike Vogt, Trade Show Manager at, says, “Without iCapture we would still be doing the same thing the way we have always done it. We wouldn’t have the visibility into ‘this show is giving us 25 quality leads’ [and] ‘this show is giving us 100 quality leads.’ We kind of just had to rely on salespeoples’ input for that, and now we can just watch the integration through Salesforce.”

Now they have clear evidence of each show’s effectiveness, as well as a cohesive system to track all their leads, and Boyer credits that system for their recent trade show success. 

“The thing that I like about iCapture is that it integrates with our Salesforce system, and then we can track those leads. We can see that customer’s journey through that sales process . . . If we hadn’t implemented iCapture, I think we would still be in the dark. We would be spending a lot of money going to these shows without really having any true data of how valuable the show was.”

The Outcome

Increase Lead Quality by over 50%

Reduce Follow Up from Weeks to Hours

Increase Lead Quantity by over 50%

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