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“Enter to Win”

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Attract as many prospects as possible

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Sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways are among the most effective strategies to attract potential customers.

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People are more likely to share their information with an opportunity to win a “grand” prize.


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The perfect “grand prize” aligns with the interests and desires of your target audience.
The UCLA Athletic Department uses an Enter to Win contest to build a targeted marketing list of Season Ticket prospects.

click here to view the complete UCLA example

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iCapture “Enter to Win” Features

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Easy-to-build Screen Saver

  • The Screen Saver acts a digital billboard promoting the giveaway.

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Pick – a – Winner

  • The Pick-a-Winner feature randomly selects one or more winners from your captured contacts.

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Other “Enter to Win” Prize Strategies

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CFE Federal Credit Union offered $5,000 in cash towards tuition as the grand prize. Students at the University of Central Florida provided contact info as well as graduation year and major.


Brick-and-mortar retailer, MotoConcepts in Spokane, Washington uses weekly giveaways to grow their list and engage customers. Each week brings a new prize to promote, along with the announcement of the previous week’s winner. Congratulating each week’s winner is ready-made content for their social media platforms.

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Getting prospects attention at a four or five day event can be a challenge. A daily raffle encourages attendees to re-engage and return to their booth each day.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers conducts daily giveaways at B2B trade shows like Dreamforce, OracleWorld and SAPinsiders.


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