Lead Qualifiers instantly Prioritize your Follow-Up!

Lead-QualifiersWhen you finish a show or conference, you’re exhausted.  Good luck trying to remember who should be on your Top 10 List next week!

Lead Qualifiers save the day!

Whether you are scanning a tradeshow badge or a business card, lead qualifiers are appended to your new contact with just a couple of additional clicks.


Popular Lead Qualifiers

The most popular lead qualifiers fall into these categories:

  • Product / Service Interests
  • Budget
  • Purchase Timeline
  • Decision Making Ability
  • Critical Decision Making Factors
  • Competitors / Current Usage


After the Show… How Does this Work?

When you are finished and return to the office, all of your new contacts are neatly assembled in a spreadsheet (or automatically sent to your CRM). In addition, you have a complete picture based on the lead qualifiers that were selected during the event.

Simply sort the spreadsheet to identify and prioritize who is most valuable RIGHT NOW!

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