What is Lead Retrieval?

Phone-Scan-BadgeLead retrieval is exactly as it sounds… here’s how it usually works:

  1. You get a “Badge Number” or “Attendee Number” from an attendee at the event
  2. You pass the number to the Lead Retrieval company
  3. The Lead Retrieval company passes back the full contact profile for that attendee.

How Will this Work at My Show?

For best results, a little bit of “pre-show” discovery goes a long way!

We highly recommend that you do one of two things:

  1. Click here to send iCapture the name and date of your next show.
    – or –
  2. Request a Sample Badge from the Trade Show organizers (or Lead Retrieval company)

We have a database of over 2,200 trade shows worldwide and a team of experts to help.

Can I See iCapture in Action?

qrcode1.pngOnce we have a sample badge (or know the name of the lead retrieval company), we can tell you exactly what information you’ll be able to get with a simple scan.

Get your free Badge Scanning / Lead Retrieval Demo Kit to see iCapture in action on your phone or tablet.

Most Common Lead Retrieval Systems

  • CompuSystems
  • Experient
  • Convention Data Services (CDS)
  • American Tradeshow Services (ATS)
  • Registration Control Services (RCS)
  • e-ventsreg

Get your free Demo Kit to see iCapture in action on your own phone or tablet.

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