iPad vs. Android Tablets – Which One is Better?

iPad vs. Android Tablets – Which One is Better?


We are asked repeatedly:
“Can I use some other type of device than an iPad to capture names, emails and info from customers?”
Our answer is always the same:  “Sure,  but you don’t want to.” (we even have an iCapture app for Android)  We say drop the $400 for an iPad2 and be done with it.
The extra hundred or hundred fifty or even $200 is worth every penny.

Imagine if you were to choose a quarterback to lead your newly minted NFL team.
If Tom Brady was available, would you sign him?  You could sign Matt Hasselbeck or Joe Flacco for half as much and save some money, but what’s the ultimate goal?

If you’re there to sell tickets and win Super Bowls, it s a no brainer.  You have a proven performer with a high level of notoriety, respect and attractiveness. You look good merely by association.

That’s what you get with the iPad. A certain amount of sex appeal that nothing else even comes to close matching.
We say this not  because we’re Apple snobs. Simply put,  you just look cooler with an iPad. Sorry Samsung, but the iPad is the original, the standard bearer. Like it or not,  the tablet you choose is an extension of you and your business.

Remember, the goal of iCapture is to help you positively engage with customers and potentials.  If your customers are interacting with your device, impressions (first or otherwise) matter even more.

Brady’s or Hasselbeck’s?
For which team would you rather play?

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