How To Train Your Team For Event Success

Event team training often comes as an afterthought for many exhibitors. Your team needs to be well-trained to make a lasting impression.

two women discussing work
How To Get Your Sales Team To Work Marketing Leads

Do you have a hard time getting your sales team interested in working marketing leads? This blog covers the benefits of an SLA between sales and marketing and tips for getting one created.

3 Ways to Use the iCapture Integration with HubSpot to Maximize ROI from Events

The iCapture and HubSpot integration help onsite teams collect lead information and automatically upload it to HubSpot for sales teams to get to work — and fast.

Maximizing Lead Capture at Trade Shows: Tips and Tricks

Lead capture is the most important, and often misplaced, step of your trade show exhibition. We’ve collected four tips to maximize and optimize your existing lead capture strategy.

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Shifting the Mindset: Trade Shows = Demand Capture

Trade Shows aren’t just about brand awareness and booth giveaways. They are a strategic paid channel for business growth, and with some help, you can increase the success of your events.

The Ultimate Guide To Pre-Event Promotion

By building anticipation, driving traffic, and standing out, you can maximize your participation in the event and achieve stronger results.

How To Incorporate Account-Based Marketing Into Your Event Strategy

There is a huge opportunity to grow your event strategy and further drive sales success by adding a few touches of account-based marketing to your plan.

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How to Accurately Measure Trade Show ROI

Measuring event ROI is a key process in ensuring your events stay profitable and in reflecting optimization opportunities. Learn more about what trade show ROI is, how to measure event ROI, and what an average ROI for trade shows is.

5 Things To look For in a Trade Show Lead Capture App
5 Things to Look For in a Trade Show Lead Capture App

There are many trade show lead capture apps on the market, but before you make a choice it is important to learn about the differences in mobile apps for trade shows, which range from simple QR code scanners to full-solution apps that include measuring trade show metrics and follow-up features.