Is Old School Badge Scanning Dead?

Is Old School Badge Scanning Dead?

It’s time for B2Bs to accept that the old ways of Trade Show Lead Capture no longer work — at least when it comes to trade show badge scanning, rented badge scanners, and clumsy systems. How many leads have your representatives lost, conversations have they forgotten, or follow-ups have they not made — due to the failure of processes outside of their control? 

Your customers, sales representatives, and marketing department deserve a system that works for their success. Why put your lead capture system in the hands of another when all the tools are available for you to own your own lead capture system from start to finish? There’s no need to wait days or weeks for trade shows to release leads, no need to learn a new system at every show, and no need to wait in long lines to pick up a rented badge scanner. 

Trade show lead capture should be easy, consistent, and connected to your CRM — and you should OWN the entire process.

Are You Seeking Leads or Revenue?

Contrary to popular opinion, Trade Show Lead Capture is NOT the primary reason B2Bs send representatives to live events.

Chances are that your company exists for two main reasons: 1) to make the world a better place; 2) to generate revenue.

If that describes your business, you are not going to want to attend another trade show without learning the easiest way to turn your trade show lead capture into a repeatable system that

  • Generates a higher quality and quantity of leads, 
  • Streamlines processes, and
  • Increases revenue with measurable ROI. 

If your current trade show lead capture is not increasing your bottom line, you might need to rethink your purposes for attending events. 

According to Salesforce, 50% of new deals go to the first company to follow up after a trade show. If you are relying on someone else to release your trade show badge scanning leads — you are leaving revenue on the table. To be the first company to follow up after a trade show, you’ve got to act fast. 

Immediate and consistent follow-up after a show is critical to increased revenue — and it is super simple when you OWN your own lead capture. 

Connection Is Key at Many Levels 

Fast follow-up is only one part of the equation. You’ve also got to follow up smarter. 

Remember the days when you collected business cards for trade show leads? It’s hard to capture the gist of the conversation on the back of a business card. Next, you had to enter those cards into a spreadsheet or add them to your Salesforce or HubSpot CRM. By the time you actually followed up, you probably couldn’t even remember what product the potential customer showed interest in. Even when using a rented badge scanner, you’re likely only capturing the name and contact information of your potential clients — without any context.  Forgetting where a customer is in their buying journey can lead to embarrassing follow-up conversations and loss of sales. 

What if there were a trade show badge scanning system that could capture the position of the buyer’s journey, record key parts of the conversation, and immediately connect your leads to Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, or another CRM?

Welcome to iCapture. 

A Trade Show Lead Scanner in Every Pocket

iCapture is a smart application that team members can download onto their phones or smart devices. It travels with them from show to show, scanning badges on the go. That means anyone on your team who owns a smartphone has a trade show lead scanner in their pocket. No more rented badge scanners. No more long lines. No more waiting for leads. 

The beautiful part? The interface is customizable so you can capture information that’s relevant to your unique business.

Every business has competition — but it also has that special something that sets them apart. A unique selling proposition. A competitive edge. Whatever it is that makes them stand out. We get that. This is why our interface is customizable based on the criteria that are important to your business. Our unique process helps you identify quality prospects and separate them from those merely seeking information — so you can automatically prioritize companies or clients that are poised to make a prompt purchase. And all that information can be input into the app quickly, including voice-to-text notes that can record key points of the conversation. 

Say goodbye to awkward follow-ups. 

Integrate Badge Scanning with HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and more.

With the push of a button, leads collected by badge scanning are instantly sent to the CRM and/or MAP of your choice. Here are a few of our top native integrations.

Salesforce Integration

Is your team powered by Salesforce? We’ve got you covered. Salesforce user can testify. After trusting iCapture to handle their badge scanning needs, they reported a

  • 50% increase in lead quality;
  • 10X faster lead follow-up; and a
  • 50% increase in lead quantity. 

Read their success story here.

HubSpot Connection

Are you connected with HubSpot? Consider your trade show leads on the way. We know every company’s workflow and tech stack is unique. Our team of specialists ensures that everything is compatible and consistent through secure encrypted connections using API — which means there is nothing to install or configure. We believe in the KISS principle: Keep It Super Simple. 

Marketing with Marketo

Do you prefer Marketo? Our integrations make your trade show leads Immediately available to the marketing team. Cradlepoint, a leader in cloud-based network solutions, was able to say goodbye to rented badge scanners and have their leads instantly sent to Marketo. The result? 

  • Automated segmentation of leads;
  • 7X faster follow-up;
  • More deals closed;
  • Happier sales reps; and 
  • Ability to calculate ROI and justify investments.

Read their success story here.

Automate with Eloqua

Use Eloqua or another CRM? Our native and universal integrations mean that your trade show leads are delivered seamlessly to your CRM — where they are ready for follow-up. Automation takes the grunt work out of lead entry. No more hours of manually entering leads. Consider your leads scanned and ready to close.

But it gets better. 

Instant, Customizable, and Automated Lead Capture Follow-up

Don’t have time to wait for event organizations to deliver you your spreadsheet of leads — or want to guarantee that you are the FIRST company to follow up so you can increase your chances of landing the deal? With an iCapture trade show lead scanner, you can send relevant, automated follow-up emails in near real-time as you’re conversing with your new lead. Trade show badge scanning has never been so instant, consistent, and connected.

With iCapture, you can create several email templates in advance that correspond to various products or services. Simply choose the one that meets the customer’s needs, quickly customize it with a touch point to connect the customer with your conversation, and hit send. 

That’s what we call being the FIRST to follow up. It truly doesn’t get any easier or faster than that — unless you can read the minds of your future clients. We think iCapture is a close second. 

There are many solid reasons for owning your own trade show lead scanner. Let’s look at a few. 

iCapture Trade Show Badge Scanning Benefits

Here is a list of 10 ways iCapture will make life easier for your company, your employees, and your customers. 

  1. Qualify your scanned leads on the spot so you know where prospects are on the buying journey.
  2. Stop wasting time trying to contact non-qualifying leads who aren’t interested in the first place.
  3. Measure revenue generated from trade shows to see if they are worth your time and effort.
  4. Close more deals, make the world a better place, and increase your revenue.
  5. Collect critical touch points with your scanned leads so you can reconnect in a meaningful way.
  6. One consistent system reduces the learning curve and keeps everyone on the same page.
  7. Customizable data collection forms streamline processes in a way that makes sense for your company.
  8. Automatically sync and dedupe leads in HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, or another CRM.
  9. Measure the ROI of every badge scanning event to see which ones make the most sense. 
  10. Track every step of your prospect’s buying journey from trade show badge scanning to sale.

iCapture makes old-school badge scanning obsolete and provides your team with every competitive advantage. Never let another “hot” lead grow cold or end up in a CSV file you download and forget about. When you OWN your own lead capture, you have total control over your leads, data collection, and follow-up. 

Better leads drive success for the entire team. iCapture automates lead capture processes and makes it simple to re-engage prospects post-show or on the floor with rich qualifying data that makes each follow-up count. Stronger and faster sales calls mean you beat the competition and win more deals. More deals mean a better world and more revenue for your company. 

Katie Olsen, Event Marketing Specialist, for Cradlepoint says, "It's gonna make your life easier. It's one less thing you've got to worry about. It's just a no-brainer."

iCaptures makes life and trade show lead capture so much easier. And profitable.

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