A Solution for Your Entire Team

Visibility into Every Event

Stop Guessing. Make Decisions with Confidence.

iCapture’s automated lead processes streamline your trade shows and events with technology that inputs data and information directly into your CRM and Marketing Automation System. Rather than manual data entry and spreadsheet formatting, you can instantly use leads and turn them into sales.

Simple, Consistent Process

No Need to Overcomplicate.

Get predictable results when you don’t have to train your team on a different solution for each show. The iCapture solution makes it easy to capture contact information, qualify the lead, and add notes from the show floor.

This personalized information allows your marketing and sales teams to reengage with relevance and stand out from the competition.

Works at Every Show

One Solution for Every Event

iCapture is aligned with the top badge providers so you can stop renting lead scanners and seamlessly go from show to show, using your own device, to access valuable data faster and easier.

No badges, no problem. Capture business card data and automatically have it transcribed and verified by two humans to ensure the highest quality of accuracy.

7x Faster Follow-up

Easy for your Team in the Booth.

Standardization and Smart Marketing

We have more visibility into what events we are attending and what results we are getting at each event.

Customer Success Manager

The Power of One Consistent System

We like having one consistent system because it validates our trade show data.

Director of Marketing Services

Quality Leads and Relevant Engagement

Being able to pre-qualify has significantly helped quantify and qualify.

Marketing Supervisor

The Value of Consistency and Quality Data

Prior to iCapture, our lead capture processes were everywhere.

Marketing Communications and Event Manager

Interested in knowing more?

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