A Solution for Your Entire Team

Deliver Hot Leads Fast

Competition Is Fierce

Nearly 50% of the deals go to the first company to follow-up.  Today’s competitive landscape puts a premium on responsiveness and relevance.  Segment your leads and deliver success.

Give your sales team the competitive advantage.  Don’t let the “HOT” leads go cold.

More Than a Name and Email

Personalized, Relevant Follow Up Is Essential

Statistics show that over 40% of booth conversations last more than 2 minutes.  These conversations expose the prospect’s needs and challenges. When your team has the right tools for the job, capturing the conversation is easy.  

The result:  High quality leads your sales team loves.

Capture with Confidence

Stop Confusing Your Sales Team in the Booth

Sales reps, by nature, are creatures of habit.  They thrive on consistency. Provide your team with a consistent lead capture experience and watch the quantity of leads increase at every event—plus elevate the quality of each lead. 

Get better leads and drive success for the entire team.

7x Faster Follow-up

Easy for your Team in the Booth.

Standardization and Smart Marketing

We have more visibility into what events we are attending and what results we are getting at each event.

Customer Success Manager

The Power of One Consistent System

We like having one consistent system because it validates our trade show data.

Director of Marketing Services

Quality Leads and Relevant Engagement

Being able to pre-qualify has significantly helped quantify and qualify.

Marketing Supervisor

The Value of Consistency and Quality Data

Prior to iCapture, our lead capture processes were everywhere.

Marketing Communications and Event Manager

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