Trade Shows Matter

Trade shows and events are a target-rich environment, and in this digital age, trade shows matter more than ever. Let’s take a look at why there is so much value in trade shows and other driving factors in today’s event world.

An Automation Partnership: Streamlining Event Success

Engineering Innovation partnered with iCapture to add consistency, differentiate between leads, remember conversations in the booth, accelerate follow up, and improve post-show marketing efforts.

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Unite Your Team

“Utilizing one consistent system across the board really helps us with our quality control and the validity of our data.”

Standardization and Smart Marketing Elevates Event Performance

With iCapture, Shure has capitalized on more opportunities through faster follow up, relevant reengagement, standardized data, and powerful visibility.

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Are Your Trade Shows Integrated?

iCapture integrates with your CRM or Marketing Automation platform so your trade show and event lead data flow through seamlessly in near real-time for fast and relevant follow up.

Quality Leads and Relevant Reengagement

With iCapture, VoIP Supply’s reps reach out to the hottest leads first post-show and access qualifying information to reengage with relevance.

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Trade Show Metrics and ROI

“It does pretty much everything we need. It does the badge scanning, the business cards. It helps with the follow-ups, the tracking, and is a big piece of the puzzle with metrics.”

The Power of Data and a Strategic Advantage

The versatility and visibility of the iCapture software has enabled the Promethean team to make data-driven decisions, track ROI, better qualify leads, and close more deals.

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Prove Your Trade Show and Event Performance

“With iCapture, companies are more successful at events and trade shows, and have more efficiency and effectiveness on the trade show floor.”