[Case Study] Clever 5-Step Process For Selling High Ticket RV’s at Trade Shows


If you have a high ticket item you currently aim to sell at trade shows and exhibitions, or you’d like to open this channel for future sales, you will want to learn this clever strategy an RV Dealer based in Vermont and Indiana uses to regularly make 7-figure sales at the Outdoor and RV Shows they attend.

Todd McGinnis of Pete’s RV Centre has taken a unique approach that not only creates a “buzz” whilst he’s exhibiting at the various Outdoor and RV Shows he attends, but also ensures a steady and reliable stream of sales.

In this Case Study you’ll learn:

  • The 5 Step Process Todd from Pete’s RV Centre uses to move show visitors from prospect to sale
  • Why you might want to consider adding video to your next trade show communications
  • How to automate and plan an effective “Enter to Win” promotion

Todd explains that his RV Dealership is a lot like a Car Dealership, except they sell RV’s (Recreational Vehicles).

But, Todd is also quick to point out the one BIG difference between Car Dealerships and RV Dealerships is that for most people a car is a “need” product whereas an RV is a “want product”.

“This means we get a lot less foot traffic than car dealerships,” said Todd, “so we have to go out and cultivate the leads, which means travelling to RV shows in big Civic Centers and Conference Centers all around the US and Canada.”

Presented with the challenge of not always being able to sell the particular makes and models in that geographical area due to licensing restrictions, Todd came up with an ingenious approach.

  1. Offer an “Enter to Win” giveaway – featuring a compelling prize (Todd’s had success with televisions, free camping holidays and gift vouchers to camping stores as prizes). The important thing, according to Todd, is that the prize is relevant to your target audience.

    Todd also suggests you keep your questions to a minimum and make sure people can complete the entry easily within just a couple of minutes.

  2. Use an iPad or other mobile device to capture the Competition Entry – Todd says they previously used “raffle boxes” set up at their stands for people to add their paper-based entries to. Using this system they found they often had many unreadable entries as well as fewer entries. He estimates moving to a mobile device using the iCapture app has tripled the number of leads they capture at each event (currently around 400 leads per event and they do 7 to 8 events a year).

  3. Team your mobile device with the iCapture app – Todd says he “stumbled onto” the iCapture app and has been using it for over a year. “It’s been great for us,” he said.

    The benefit of using iCapture is that it is simple to use, you can completely customize your questionnaire and you can use it with or without an internet connection.

    “We use 2 to 3 devices per event, each running the iCapture app with our own custom questionnaire,” said Todd.

    The questionnaire is a simple 8 screen process using a mix of data entry and multiple choice questions, as you can see in the screenshots below:

    The flexibility in the questionnaire, combined with the ability to load your own custom images, makes lead qualification a really simple process.

    Using the iCapture Back Office, Todd simply includes a couple of questions asking the user about their preferred RV model, current RV owner status and buying intentions to help Leadscore and sort his hotter prospects from the rest.

    The iCapture system also helps Todd to comply with the stringent optin rules in Canada when attending shows there thanks to the pre configured optin form and waiver.

  4. Integrate with MailChimp to provide targeted email sequences –Utilizing iCapture’s ability to integrate with most major email platforms and CRMs, Todd has setup his iCapture app to talk directly to MailChimp and trigger a range of emails during and post event, automatically – no data entry or repeat programming required.

  5. Announce the Prize Winner via video – using the iCapture Pick-A-Winner feature that automatically and randomly chooses up to 20 winners, Todd’s team can locate a winner for each event, on the spot. They then create a video at the event featuring the winner’s name and email it via Mailchimp to everyone who entered – also reminding them the at-show special expires in 10 days (and providing a link to the sales offer).

    This step is the “Secret Sauce” that gives Todd and his team another touch point with their prospects; helps to build rapport so people can see they did follow through and choose a winner and also offers a specific call to action to claim the bonus sales offer within a limited timeframe, boosting their sales results through the roof.

    Here are some examples of the winner’s videos:





Using this simple 5-Step process, Todd and his team are getting extraordinary results.

“At a show in Boston in January we were able to close several RV sales at an average transaction of $20,000 each using this strategy,” said Todd.

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Pete’s RV has been in business for more than 60 years and continues to grow each year. Their success is accomplished by selling only quality RV products and providing their customers with the best possible service.


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