[Success Profile] Protein Shake Taste Test Survey


The Cutting Edge

Dymatize Nutrition is on the cutting edge when it comes to developing healthy and tasty protein shake mixes. But determining customer’s preferred flavors always presented a challenge when creating new products. For large events the Dymatize team relied on old fashioned paper survey forms for thousands of blind taste tests in order to determine what people liked. Calculating results meant sifting through stacks of forms and manually counting votes. Automating the survey with iPads loaded with iCapture ended up saving hundreds of employee hours while dramatically improving the experience for those taking the surveys.

Sophisticated Survey Tool

Using Skip Logic allows Dymatize to set up branching survey questions where previous answers determine what follow up questions are seen.

Sort With Powerful Excel Integration

Integrating the data and instantly downloading it all into Excel spreadsheets gives Dymatize instant access to results that might previously take weeks to enter and compile.

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