[Success Profile] Brick and Mortar – NY vs. NJ


Chef Central is a high-end kitchen supply store with locations in New York and New Jersey. They were seeking a way to engage more customers and increase signups for their email and physical newsletter.


Chef Central offered a “$10 off any $25 purchase” coupon which is sent via email to first time customers that sign up for their newsletter. They have an iPad next to the point-of-sale in each of store.


When your staff is focused, engaged and having fun, better results are inevitable. Chef Central, a culinary retail store with 2 locations, created a very successful challenge. Here’s how they set it up:

  • Teams: New York store vs. New Jersey store
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Goal: Increase opt-ins for Email Newsletter and Catalog subscriptions
  • Prize: Bragging rights + Lunch delivered for the entire team

Chef Central Employee Competition

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